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So ArenaNet/NCSoft announced a new class to their highly anticipated MMO, Guild Wars 2. The class is called "Guardian," and it looks like a blast to play. I took the liberty of embedding the videos of guardian gameplay they had on their page for your convenience. Here is a link to the Guardian Class page: 

The Guardian

The Guardian is an extremely devoted fighter who calls upon special abilities in battle to aid and protect his/her allies. The Guardian is a master tactician who knows when to sacrifice his own abilities to empower his allies in combat. Every Guardian is supported by an array of passive abilities that grant the Guardian benefits. The Guardian may choose to sacrifice these abilities in order to grant them to his/her teammates in combat, which makes the Guardian an excellent supportive member of any group. This ability comes in especially handy when leading a battle charge or protecting your parties flanks. These passive abilities are called "Virtues". Each Guardian has three virtues that are Courage, Justice, and Resolve. Each of these unique virtues carries with it a unique "buff" that will effect the Guardian or the Guardian's party, depending on how the Guardian chooses to use the virtue.

Special Skill Types

 The Guardian profession will have a multitude of skills, some that have been unveiled are listed below. 
  • Wards - A ward is a marked area on which enemies cannot move, but allies can. The guardian may drop down a ward to allow a retreat or a regroup, and the enemies will not be able to interfere.
  • Spirit Weapons - A spirit weapon can be summoned by a Guardian to aid him/her in battle. The spirit weapon will aid the Guardian in combat for a limited time, acting as a companion.
  • Symbols - A symbol is dropped by the Guardian on specific place to do damage to enemies or aid allies in battle. Different symbols will have different effects when dropped.
  • Aegis - An aegis is a removable boon that has the ability to block incoming attacks. This is accessed through the Virtue of Courage.    


  The Guardian will  have access to three different virtues, that he/she may access at any time to aid in battle or to aid the party. They are listed below. 
  • Courage - Every 30 seconds you are granted Aegis which blocks the next incoming attack, may also be used on party.
  • Justice - Every fifth attack causes burning, may be used on party.
  • Resolve - Regenerate health, may be used on party. 
A Guardian will be able to utilize a number of weapons in combat. They are listed below. 
  • Main Hand - Sword, Scepter, Mace
  • Off Hand - Focus, Torch, Shield
  • Two-Handed - Hammer, Greatsword, Staff         

I've always been a fan of the Mace/Shield combo, and now I get to use that equipment while shooting glowy energy balls and giant energy beams?! Sign me up! 
This just may be my main class if they don't announce something absolutely irresistible.  
(All the info I got was from the Wiki here, so thanks for that.)
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Ed: Some very interesting guardian info in this interview:  (40ish mins of interview, goes into some meaty detail on guardian traits etc)
The mace seems to be the out-of-nowhere contender for the balanced build. For warriors, it seems to be stun-related, with some other conditions like cripple and vulnerability (?) rolled into it. For guardians, it seems to be a mix of casting and attacking, projecting protective shields but also symbol of wrath. 
Aside from that, the guardian also looks to be the current most appealing class to me - namely because it's new, but also a combination of some cooler aspects of older classes - summoning of the ritualist, with some elements of Ele (the summoned hammer final strike reminds me of lightning hammer, but with added KD), smiting and prot from monks, straight up area control in wards, a bit of tanking (being heavy armor, but also having aegis on top of that), and some D2 style auras. 
I'm just worried about the damage capability - I know that summoned weapons can't be attacked, and you can have up to 3 at a time, but does that actually translate to any form of dps?  I'm fine with a class with a more support focus, but if I feel like getting out there and tearing stuff up, I should be able to. Just like Clerics in DnD - or for more relevance, monks. You could make some very effective smiting Mo/W-s or Mo/R-s in GW1. 
A lot will come down to the current unannounced skills - but even more will depend upon traits. We can already see that a trait can significantly effect a skill - like the one which makes one of the wards push enemies out of it. If these can be manipulated to spec in fine detail into a very specific build - namely ones which are more than just support / monk replacement - then I'm all the way in. 
Oh, and currently I'm looking at a Human Guardian using a Sword / Torch combo, or a Greatsword.

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