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This seems like it could be useful. Do you guys think we should submit Lincoln Force or wait to see if this site grows to the point where it would totally be worth it?

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I think we should submit, but I guess we should ask one of the leaders.

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Yeah this seems fine, good resource to see who else is on your server.

#5 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

@RobbieMac: Are you going to submit Lincoln Force?

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More publicity is always a good thing. The only thing I'm worried about is we don't currently know the status of how many members a guild can have. That can be easily cleared up on launch though. I so go for it.

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@No0b0rAmA: Yeah sure I can do it later today, I have to go to volunteering now. Unless you want to do it for me now. Let me know and I will check when I get back this evening.

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@Maystack: Nope, we're good now.

Guild's start at 50 player cap for 1 silver upon creation. It can then be raised to a maximum of 500 cap for increasing amounts of silver (I think it was less than 10 to get it to 100 cap like we had in the beta - ask shinboy). The main thing is that you have to be a certain size in order to unlock the next tier of cap - though we got it working in the beta, so it shouldn't be impossible come release.

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@selfconfessedcynic Oh really? Sweet. Now there's nothing holding us back!
#10 Posted by shinboy630 (1312 posts) -
@selfconfessedcynic @Maystack It cost 1s to get it to 100 then 10s for the next tier, although idk how many members that was.
#11 Posted by Maystack (927 posts) -

@shinboy630: Well in the last beta, the rate at which I got cash seemed to be way faster than from what I played before, so 10s shouldn't be too hard to get. Unless it then increases to 100s for the next tier, which may be a bit trickier.

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Ok I added Lincoln Force to the list.

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