Guild Wars 2 in the News... erm... in the Nude!

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I know it ain't particularly newsworthy, but apparently somebody discovered a bug in the game, which allowed users to display their human avatars in full-on Barbie and Ken mode. This particular gem got patched within hours of its discovery of course, yet there's some 'naughty' screenshot proof to be found in the description of the following youtube video.

That's what you get for playing way too much GW2 for way too long, then learning that the first bunch of legendaries has gotten made, and going to search for videos on them. The internet is for porn.

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Also - my balls the legendary Sunrise Greatsword skin is awesome! Also - I'd pay good gems for fully featured GW2 nudity. Never doubt it.

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Sunrise is pretty nice, but I prefer Twilight. I saw some guy craft his (if not world first it was definitely one of the first) the other day in LA, and oh man. It is very similar to Sunrise, except black and red with stars. I have a bunch of screenies but am too lazy to post them unless you people really want to see them.

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First karma price exploitation, and now this? When will the ANet bans be going out for this one? :P

Awesome sword, but why is it on an Asura? Then again I can't even decide a race for a warrior I want to make :(

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do like me then: wait for tengu ^_^

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