Guild Wars 2 info comes fast and hard, just like you're about to.

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There isn't much else to say besides that, really. I haven't read the entire article but I was instructed by mod and fellow leather enthusiast Hamz to make a topic ASAP. What I have seen is amazing. Read read read read read read gogogogogogogo!  
I'll post impressions later mayhap. 
Edit: meant to post this in the GW2 forum, don't know what happened. Whatever. 
Edit: fellow butter-lover Hamz moved it as I wrote this, wiggidy.

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
In this case, it comes in the shape of Guild Wars 2.

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The only important design choice is whether or not it's still free of monthly fees.

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@ColumnBreaker: Yes. Yes it is (free of monthly fees.) 
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Guild Wars 2 is beautiful.

However,  this is more beautiful: 

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Can't wait! love the new design elements they are implementing and how social and rewarding the game play is going to be. If there is a beta coming anytime soon, I NEED to sign up.

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Ive still never played Guild wars- despite me having wanted to for a long long time

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Hey guys, let's get serious for a moment.
Do you think the world is heading towards a dark, dark place?
Guild Wars 2 says no.  Everything else says yes.
So confused,
Only solution.

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Whoah. If they implement all the things they talk about in the article well... this is going to be a very very awesome game. CAN'T WAIT AAAAAAAAAA

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This game is going to be awesome... I hope.

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Sounds really good. It also sounds like what they were promising for the first game. And I found Guild Wars to be tedious as hell.
Here's hoping they get it right this time.

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I came hard and slow.

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Cautiously optimistic about whether what they've mentioned in the manifesto will ever actually appear in the final product on release day in the way described or if at all. But still extremely interested and looking forward to the final product. Definitely on the list of games to keep an eye out for!

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Give me more mana for my Warrior/Elementalist and shit's going to break.

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@Hamz: I have extreme faith in ArenaNet as developers. If it can't all be there at launch you can bet something better will be integrated in for free 2 months down the line after release along with a full balance patch, because that's what they do best.
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I played a ton of the original GW, while it was nice and all, and big instances, it really lacked in end game content ( this was before all the expansions and such) I haven't touched it in years, but im interested in seeing GW2, and maybe even trying it

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Guild Wars info huh, well, its not as hard or fast like Brannigan's Law:)
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 @quantumshift5:  you mean like Brannigans Love

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lol, thanks for catching that.
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Oh man.

"  If a Stone Elemental throws a boulder at you, pick it up and throw it back. Or as an Elementalist, use that boulder to create a meteor storm.  "

This sounds ridiculous.
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Another hyped MMO.

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Dude I'm just desperately hoping my current computer can run it. I played the original for years and loved it so much. Does it mention a subscription fee? That would be a letdown. Either way this will kick an unimaginable amount of ass.

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A link round-up of several interviews and news posts about ArenaNet's Dynamic Events system, the aspect of the game they focused on this week, has been thrown up at their website. Thought I'd bump this with a bit more information. It sounds fantastic. Enjoy.

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fingers crossed for this one.
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funny title

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It is  beautiful.

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