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Arenanet has announced that they will be releasing some GW2 t-shirts. If you head over to the GW2 Facebook page you can vote for which three you like best, and the ones that win will be the ones that they produce. The poll is open until noon pacific on July 6th (so less than a day from now), so pick which ones you like best!

For the record I voted for this one (along with Logan and Caithe) and will buy one if it wins.

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@shinboy630: I also thought the Lifestyle one looked the best.

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That actually looks pretty awesome. This would be the first game themed apparel I'd wear if it wins.

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My charr buddy Rytlock got my vote.

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Judging by how big of a slice of that pie chart represents the plain white logo on a black shirt, I've come to the conclusion that there are way too many boring people.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

Judging by how big of a slice of that pie chart represents the plain white logo on a black shirt, I've come to the conclusion that there are way too many boring people.

Nope, you're just shit : ) - I like the logo on black, though I agree that Shinboy's choice is still the best.

Here's the thing right - why does one wear a gaming t-shirt?

I guess there are two main reasons, one is that the game is important to you and you're wearing it for yourself. The other is that the game is important to you and you want to project that to others.

I'm a person who generally weighs in on the latter (though neither is the only answer, and you can be both), so when I wear a gaming tee, for example my Giant Bomb tee, I'm doing it to advertise the site and for those rare occasions where someone else recognises what I'm repping. For this reason, flashy designs which cover up a lot of the shirt simply don't have the same impact as a simple logo.

Beyond this, black is far easier to match to other clothes than grey >_>

In any case, the reason I say that Shinboy's is still the best is that 1. Unless one is hanging around members of the opposite sex, colour matching is for jerks and 2. It has the fucking name of the game on the back (and hence still achieves half the goal), whereas the black one doesn't seem to (a fucking stupid oversight).

A lot of the time in public, you only see people's backs (I'd actually argue more than half, though I am sure there are marketing studies on this case) - so not only does the grey shirt look better in theory (assuming you can match it at all), but it does a better job of repping the game (assuming the black doesn't have something on the back as well).

/ I over think things.

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I don't have Facebook (nor will I ever sign up for it), but I like the logo one.

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@selfconfessedcynic: I mean... I guess it's because the only reason I would ever get a shirt based on a property would be the graphical design, and this is the ArenaNet art team we're talking about, so a shirt with just the logo seems like double sacrilege. If I'm to be a walking billboard, I'd rather not be one of those dreary-looking ones that do little more than block the skyline.
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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Hah - I would love it if there was a way to have a good design AND put your point across on a tee easily.

But I'm pretty sure logos just work better for advertising in most cases : /

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#10 Posted by Vexxan (4628 posts) -

Voted for the Lifestyle one, the red one and on the white one with the Sylvari.

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#11 Posted by Maystack (941 posts) -

Went for the lifestyle one because it looks the best, and the sylvari one because it's the only green one.

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Sylvari and Charr look like they're missing something. I don't like Asura, so the Zojja one is out. Logo looks fine, but no back image implies there's nothing there. Rytlock one looks like he's missing more of his body than the others. Eir+Zojja has too much red, needs another splash or something. Lifestyle Logo would look better if the 2 was shifted a bit to the left though that would affect the serif at the back. So my choices are:

1. Lifestyle Logo (obvious)

2. Logan (because fucking GUARDIAN)

3. ? (Eir has a more full body, but Caithe has flowers and uses the space better)

Might have to flip a coin on this one unless someone can persuade me to vote differently.

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I went Lifestyle, Rytlock and the red one. It saddens me the lifestyle is winning so much, because it's the only one without the sleeve branding. I really like that on the others. The Sylvari and Charr ones were really cool too.

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The lifestyle one would be a pretty sweet graphic t-shirt without the "Guild Wars 2" writing on the back.

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