Guildwars 2 Countdown

#1 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (1999 posts) -

A good friend of mine made this:

I know I know, it's a little gimmicky, but if everyone in this forum is as excited about the game as he is you might appreciate it.

#2 Edited by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

Nice clean format and it works on my iPad - strong approval.

#3 Posted by BrainSonata (108 posts) -

Seems legit.

#4 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

37 days is too long. I need it now!

#5 Posted by shinboy630 (1331 posts) -

I was tempted to try to make something like this for android. Throw an ad or two on it = instant money. But alas, I would have had to learn android.

#6 Posted by UssjTrunks (549 posts) -

New home page.

#7 Posted by allgrinzz (173 posts) -

36 days until I lose a large portion of my "free time"..... I like the timer though, rather nifty.

#8 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1646 posts) -

I can't look at that page. Not that my PC won't load it up, I just refuse to look at it because it'll make the wait unbearable. I'm gonna kill time with the Steam games I bought or even just play Terraria; I haven't played that in months.

#9 Posted by Heltom92 (761 posts) -

On the bright side only a day to go before the beta!

#10 Posted by TheHT (12561 posts) -

oh god, less than 9 hours. i need to get some sleep.

#11 Edited by sworen (39 posts) -

I feel like the phrase to use here is "a watched kettle never boils". I like that it shows the timer for all 3 important events though.

#12 Posted by Bestostero (2919 posts) -

oh man...

Hunger Games Royale was AWESOME! Go team Red!!! lmao

see you all at the headstart :)

#13 Posted by Bollard (6517 posts) -

Team Red must have won on every server I swear haah

#14 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

@Chavtheworld: We are the champions!

#15 Posted by sworen (39 posts) -

Blue team got destroyed :( . That was pretty fun, I hope they do that event again sometime soon.

#16 Posted by Bollard (6517 posts) -

@RobbieMac: Rah rah red team rah!

#17 Posted by Subjugation (4813 posts) -

Red team/best team!

#18 Posted by Dourin (245 posts) -

If they don't make that a pvp mode in the game heads will roll.

#19 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -


#20 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3848 posts) -

Alright. They have to have Hunger Royale in the game, but should it just be a regular mini-game or a once-yearly sort of thing?

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