GW2 @ Comic-Con

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Nice find! Thx man. Here's the embed player.
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Just by watching the first minute about the engineer I now want this game. I was iffy before, but seeing as is "F2P" after the box purchase, definitely going to pick this one up as long as I am not preoccupied in RIFT.

EDIT: After watching the entire thing, I am sold.

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I will play this and TOR. Still skeptical about the combat in this though.

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I know its only Cam quality, but goddamn that game looks nice. Dat buckshot

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after watching that trailer I can say that this games starting to warm up to me
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Grainy-ass footage... granny-ass footage? Whatever! Elementalist player kinda knowing what he's doing. Damn sexy skills those elementalists gonna have.
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A new video popped up. With some direct feed HD footage.

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Looks awesome.

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Looks fantastic, but at the same time too different to prevent me from getting that traditional MMO itch.

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I really don't see what is so fantastic about. Looks good though.

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So looking forward to this game. The Engineer profession seems kinda boring thou.

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Thanks for the updates.

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The original Guild Wars was fantastic, hope this turns out great. Looks good!

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Yeah, as it stands today, I plan to pick it up as well as SWTOR and Tera.  These videos are good but they don't increase my excitement any.  Interesting to watch, though.

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Another talking head video, but there's a nice big flatscreen next to the dude with some necro gameplay. Love how the mais plants react to projectiles. Almost Crysis-like leaf-tech.

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The full Comic Con Panel of Guild Wars 2... 51 minutes of talking heads. Guess I'll check it out when I'm bored.

  Burly Norn Guardian Gameplay - really dig the Tron aesthetic of the class.
  And a lil off-screen footage montage... 
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Woah - nice finds. Will watch in the morning - 1:45am here.

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The game looks gorgeous.

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@Seppli: Thanks for the Panel video!
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Gah I can't wait for this. Picked up GW Trilogy during the Steam sale and I absolutely love it! I could definitely play some more of this, especially with the gorgeous graphical update.

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Another video from ComicCon emerged. Quite decent. Interview & a lil Charr Elementalist gameplay. The more I see of the elementalist class, the more I fall in love with it. Looks so versatile with awesome spell effects and much damage. Never rolled a cloth class as a main, I just prefer heavy armor looks generally. I might be swayed otherwise this time around and don the robes of an elementalist.

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