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Hey guys. Last week when I went to log in after downloading the Wintersday patch, I went to log in as normal and it said it needed to verify my ip address to log in. My internet is a little wonky, so I thought sure no problem. However, when I went to verify it, I couldn't log into my email since I had used my school email when I started and have since graduated. I filed a ticket with Anet and heard back once the day after I submitted it, then nothing since. I submitted a new request a few days later and no response to that one either. If they usually have an overly long response time, I'm sorry for wasting a post. If not, though, can someone please file my original ticket number (#163095) on the support part of the forums, specifically in the thread with ticket numbers that are 3 days old (Specifically, Account Issues sub forum, Tickets for 3 days and over [merged] thread)? I can't, due to not having an authenticated ip address (which I can't authenticate due to not having a valid email on my account). Thanks for your time guys, and I hope to see you in game soon! :)

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Don't know why, but anet takes forever to respond to tickets. I had a friend who requested his password and took about 2-3 weeks for them to respond.

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