How I Met Your Mesmer merged to Lincoln Force!

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Alright guys, things seemed to have stabilized with the guild stuff, so we've begun merging HIMYM members over to LF. All members of HIMYM have been sent an invite over to LF. If you believe you did not receive your invite, first open your guild screen (Shortcut 'G') and see if Lincoln Force shows up. If it does, just hit 'Represent' and you're good to go. If Lincoln Force does not show up on that screen, message myself (Tesyla Bordeaux), (The Protagonist) or (Antagonist), or any of the other Lincoln Force officers and we'll get it sorted out. Thanks to everyone in How I Met Your Mesmer for your patience while we got through this initial guild bump at release. We'll be keeping the guild around as an overflow guild, in case we reach the 500 limit in LF, and won't be removing anyone who was already in HIMYM, at least for the time being. If anything changes, we'll let you all know.

Edit: If you see the guild on your list, but cannot represent it, try logging out and back in, and that should fix it. If it does not, just try again later.

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I do not envy you :)

#3 Posted by Bollard (5933 posts) -

Also if you somehow aren't in either guild, this is the time and place to pop down your account name so we can add ya to the BOMB!

#4 Posted by Nickieroonie (135 posts) -

Woo and yay

#5 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

I shall join if I got an invite when I get home from work.

#6 Posted by Big_Mex (64 posts) -

I'm down to join hit me up I should be on tonight. Nreyna.9812

#7 Posted by Mister_V (1462 posts) -

Well done to all the officers, I was listening to this on mumble. sounded like a mammoth task.

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#9 Posted by rheiv (5 posts) -

I was told to post my info in this thread for an invite. My in game name is rheiv tag is rheiv.1875

#10 Posted by SoulTaker (134 posts) -

Can I get an invite? My tag is SoulGem.6284. I posted on the spreadsheet but never got an invite.

#11 Posted by Srah (86 posts) -

@Bucketdeth: But we are many?

#12 Posted by Mattalorian (594 posts) -

Can I get an invite? Name is Mattrick.1089. Thanks!

#13 Posted by Polydeukes (98 posts) -

@Chavtheworld: Can I get an invite? I put my details into the spreadsheet but the entry disappeared.



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I'd also love an invite! Aipetikos.4518

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@Polydeukes: If it hasn't still been done by the next time I get on the game (maybe tonight in about 3 hours) then I'll hit you up (and anyone else here) for sure!

EDIT: Sorry I didn't do it last night, got home waaay too late. Doing now.

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I've held off since the guild stuff has seemed a bit of a mess, but my account it DrShilliams.7091.


#17 Posted by baldcow (9 posts) -

I'd love an invite as well! account is Baldcow.3942

#18 Posted by Jeffsekai (7058 posts) -

Does this mean fresh invites are coming out now pls?

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How I Met Your Mesmer is a MUCH BETTER NAME for a guild than Lincoln Force.

Especially for those of us that aren't American and don't give a fuck about Abraham Lincoln. Just sayin'...

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Well... Lincoln Force is tied to Giant Bomb culture, isn't it?

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Looks like HIMYM is officially the Lincoln Force overflow guild. I've invited everyone who was left white on the list (here). If you want into the overflow guild, make sure you throw your name up there! :)

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