Interactive Maps

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So I was just browsing about on that website and came across these suckers. You can actually draw on the maps and place siege weapons.

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@RobbieMac: What is this I don't even ...

Can you share a map with others somehow? I could see how this could be useful. For a minute I thought that the siege weapons also displayed their range with their circle after placing a trebuchet, but then I put down a catapult and an arrow cart and they had the same sized circle ... so now I'm trying to remember if they truly do share the same range. Can arrow carts really fire as far as a catapult?

The maps are really cool for sure. I would kill to have the same functionality in game (different colors for drawing/place siege weapons).

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That would be awesome if we need to come up with a plan for a big event.

#4 Posted by Omnomnivore (2929 posts) -

That is pretty sweet. It's tools like this that really make the game larger than it first appears. I really hope to see a lot of support in the coming years from ArenaNet in really integrating their fan-base within the game.

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@Subjugation: Arrow carts doooo have a long range. But I'm not sure. Also their icon displays as a slightly longer range than the cat.

Also site has potential but needs work. Drawing and zooming out = broken.

#6 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1617 posts) -

It's like Google Maps. Where's my character wearing a traffic cone, dancing?

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