jumping puzzle contests

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I had an idea for some guild events. What do you guys think about picking one or two of the shorter jumping puzzles, and grouping up and racing through them. They can be timed runs through the puzzle. I might be willing to put up 50 silver or so as a prize to the winner. Let me know what you all think, and I'll try to put something together. I really think that this could be a cool idea. We could all go as a big group like a free for all style. Or we could all go one at a time. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

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The only thing is that if you want to do this, everyone needs to be on the same level(not level level. But jumping level). No speed boons/weapon based jumping if you want it to be an actual competition. Then the question is, how do you moderate that..

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An instanced competitive rock climbing wall could turn out to be an epic just-for-fun town diversion, like Keg Brawl. Maybe with moving platforms and on-and-off again lightbridges in the Asuran capital - some sick experiment.

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