Kekai Kotaki Departs from ArenaNet

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Award-winner and seemingly all-around cool dude Kekai Kotaki, Concept Art Lead for GW2, earlier announced that he would be leaving the company where he's spent the previous 8 years to stretch his creative muscles elsewhere. In the blog post he also reminisces on how he started (doing ground texture work) and thanks ANet for making his first job in gaming a successful one.
ArenaNet is widely considered to have one of the best teams of artists in the games industry, and Kotaki was a major part of that team's output. Regardless of what he chooses to do in the future, no doubt many Guild Wars fans (myself included) will be sad to see him go. You can find a large sampling of his work at his website.

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I'm not an art guy, but even I could tell that Kotaki had chops. Seemed like a solid dude, judging from interviews. Let's hope his departure won't affect any GW2 content that comes out down the line (and that he has fun with his work).

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Ah man, that sucks. His concept art was amazing.

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lol at that armor.

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That pic screams Vagrant Story, if there's ever a sequel this guy should work on it.

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His art is quite beautiful, but they were probably done with the vast majority of the concept art for Guild Wars 2. I'm looking forward to whatever he comes up with in the future.

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I didn't know his name until now, but the concept art is my favourite thing about Guild Wars 2. I don't think he's gonna struggle for work.

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Sad to see him go but good luck also!

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He looks like an extremely talented dude, but Anet is stacked in the art department. His concept art wasn't even my favourite. I don't expect game design to be affected in any meaningful way.

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can someone please write a sensationalized article on the incredibly sexualized look of that female? I can't believe that we still have to deal with this in artwork after thousands of years!!! Someone needs shaming!

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I can't wait for people to get pissed about the armor.

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@UssjTrunks: If you google him, the GW2 art style seems to be exactly the same as his style, so I do wonder how influential he was during his time there. As you say though, there will be a lot of artists there who can really step up now.

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