Legendary Weapons Video Collection Thread

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Legendaries have been starting to pop up, as a few bugs got ironed out recently, which prevented players from completing their legendary collect-a-thon. The legendaries are unbelievably legendary, and I'm kinda wanting to pick one out, to go after in a casual manner over the course of a year or so - so I have an ultimate goal, when I log into GW2 every now and then.

Videos are still rather sparse and only very few weapons are featured in-depth. Mostly the legendary Greatswords, since that's what players seem to go after first and foremost. So I want to collect vidoes of all legendary weapons in this thread, so overtime there's going to be a nice overview. First off - the official trailer in an embed. The rest I'll just hotlink, to circumvent youtube spam.

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1:29 min of Twilight (Greatsword) HD-footage

0:12 min of Sunrise (Greatsword) HD-footage

3:00 min of Sunrise (Greatsword) HD-footage

0:21 min of Incinerator (Dagger) SD-footage

0:36 min of Sunrise (Greatsword) HD-footage
1:09 min of The Dreamer (Shortbow) HD-footage
7:27 min of The Juggernaut (Greathammer) HD-footage
2:05 min of Bifrost (Staff) and Twilight (Greatsword) HD-footage
0:18 min of Bolt (Sword) HD-footage
0:29 min of Biforst (Staff) HD-footage
0:51 min of The Dreamer (Shortbow) HD-footage
0:30 min of Bolt (Sword) HD-footage
4:31 min of The Juggernaut (Hammer) HD-footage
0:44 min of The Moot (Mace) HD-footage 
0:18 min of The Moot (Mace) HD-footage
1:24 min of Kudzu (Longbow) HD-footage 
A video of the rifle the predator. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3gnNwwuO6w
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*reserved for a proper 'Best of Each' posting down the line*

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Man, I wish there was better footage of the Incinerator. Want to decide if it's worth going to the effort to hook my charr ele up.

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Here's a nice video with mostly Twilight footage, but also a stint from The Bifrost.

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Holy christ, that Twilight greatsword looks amazing.

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A video of Bolt by its owner popped up. My, it looks epic, but that 'bristeling with power' sound... man, that kinda sours the deal. Maybe I'll go for the warhorn instead. Now if only somebody would build one, for me to see if it's worth it.

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@Seppli: As an elementalist with main-hand scepter, I can assure you that the crackling electricity sound gets duller after you ram an ice-pick in both of your ears.

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I really want a look at the longbow (my weapon of choice), Kudzu. It looks cool, but how does it play and what animation does it have? Haven't found any videos.

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@fetchfox: ask and you shall somewhat receive. This is the only footage I've seen of it. Just stills but the effect is pretty neat. Leave flowers where you walk.


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@jesterroyal: Okey, that's pretty cool. Thanks, I might start working towards it then.

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The owner of 'The Juggernaut' (Hammer) made an extensive video on the full-armor-dye effect the legendary has on his appearance.

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Here's the question I've got: can someone get the legendary sword AND the legendary axe? I have grown quite accustomed to using main hand sword and off-hand axe, and I'd hate it if I couldn't get both of them.

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@Seppli: Muchas gracias! It looks a bit silly, but stil cool. Might go after it over some time...

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@jakob187 said:

Here's the question I've got: can someone get the legendary sword AND the legendary axe? I have grown quite accustomed to using main hand sword and off-hand axe, and I'd hate it if I couldn't get both of them.

If you have the time and money to dedicate to getting both, sure you can.

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@jakob187: You realize that what you are suggesting will take more than two million karma and hundreds upon hundreds of gold. (or hours and hours and hours). If you do. Sure! Theres nothing to stop you. Just like shinboy said.

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