Lincoln Force 50/50 Raffle

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Sup, Bombers of Tyria! As some of you may or may not know, we are planning to host a large in game event. These things take a lot of money, so we think we have a fun and easy way to raise some of that money. We will be holding a guild only 50/50 raffle! What this means is that members buy tickets, and 50% of the money put in goes to the winner, while 50% goes to the event fund. For example, if 100 tickets are sold at 1 gold each, the winner gets 50 gold and the event fund as gets 50 gold. Pretty simple stuff. Let's get right into details then.

  • Pricing
    • 1 ticket for 1 gold
    • 5 tickets for 3 gold
    • 10 tickets for 5 gold
  • All money should be mailed to me in-game (Shinboy.2471) with your account name
  • All of this will be tracked with this google doc.
  • All money is due by 12 Noon Eastern on Saturday June 22ndFRIDAY, JUNE 28th
  • Drawing with take place that night as part of guild activities
  • I will live stream me rolling on so everyone knows it is legit
  • Any questions can be left in this thread or mailed to me in-game

Good luck to everyone! Hopefully we can raise I good chunk of change with this.

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By account name, you mean GB account?

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@audiobusting: Nope, GW2 account name. If you are not sure where that is, open up your friends list, and it is the name + numbers at the top. For example, mine is Shinboy.2471, as seen in this sceenshot.

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@shinboy630: Ah okay, I thought the GW2 account name would be included in the mail header.

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Since I have not really been on a lot lately to promote this thing/collect the money, I am going to move the deadline back to Friday, June 28th. I'll update the OP to reflect this as well.

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Today is the last day buy tickets for this, just fyi. Prize pool is up to 55 gold!

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