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Kind of a minor thing, but an enterprising person on Reddit has delved into the GW2 client to find what looks to be the final-ish set of emotes and some unseen race skills. 

Here they are: 
...and /brag, which is labeled as though it's an asura-only emote. 
Asura race-specific skills: 
Defensive Golem
Golem Suit
Offensive Golem
Sylvari race-specific skills: 
Druid Spirit
Healing Seed
Seed Turret
Take Root
Thorn Wolf
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@Dark_Lord_Spam: most interesting is '/hammer' and '/pirate'.  Also technobabble sounds like some new fad in the electronic music genre.
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technobabble better be a rave dance

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Good to see we get most of the good ones from Guild Wars. Ah, fistshake. The best emote ever.

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@Maystack said:

Good to see we get most of the good ones from Guild Wars. Ah, fistshake. The best emote ever.

Sort of disappointed they kept /violin but got rid of /guitar, /drums, and /flute. No more impromptu jug bands I guess.
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This must mean Guild Wars 2 is coming out very soon.


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@Dark_Lord_Spam: I always thought /guitar was the best of the instruments, because different professions played different styles.

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I'm happy /catchbreath is still in there, I always liked using that after running up to one of my friends. I have a simple sense of humor.

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I imagine /hammer is the Can't Touch This sideways shuffle, but what exactly constitutes a /pirate? Or an /inc?

#11 Posted by Codeacious (957 posts) - more /guitar? Maaaaann...

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@No0b0rAmA: @isnipeyoudie: How will we make our virtual GW2 band now?
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What no /sitjump love?

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@RobbieMac: I think i may boycott GW2 unless they have the /guitar and /drum emotes.

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