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So I stumbled over via the Guild Cast podcast. It's kinda like GiantBomb's video content for MMORPGs. A tonne MMORPG-specific vid casts with regular content coming in (and I guess people can participate via live chat).

This episode was quite neat with laying out the basics of GW2's lore and basic gameplay mechanics, as well as some discussions about how PvE endgame will work out. Tune in and check out their shit.

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Zaithan fight is a 5 man dungeon. Rubi is cool, but she really doesn't prepare for these shows.

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@Troncek: Eh. Every time Rubi makes a minor mistake, I just remind myself that she has other work and family responsibilities to deal with, and thus can't really be as well-versed as those of us who haunt forums and read the same GW2 info over and over and over again.
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Haha, this is great. I actually just listened to that podcast interview with Ree last night. What a great video to follow up with. So Zaithan is the name of the purple dragon? I remember Ree mentioning over and over that she didn't want to divulge any information on other dragons (specifically that deep sea dragon you see teased at the end of the gamescom trailer I believe) because they want the initial story focus to be on Zaithan.

Edit: My bad. Just got to the part where they explain that the purple one is just a lieutenant and is actually one of the "small" dragons. Makes me wonder how large a real elder dragon is.

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Anybody else get problems running the videos on Gamebreaker? Firefox gets awfully unresponsive and freezes for seconds at a time.

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@Seppli: The last few that I've watched have been smooth as butter. Don't know what the problem could be.

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