New class reveal: The Commando

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A master of the battlefield, this elite soldier is equally at home on the mean streets of Lion's Arch, in the steamy Maguuma Jungle, or on the Orrian front. The multi-role commando is a combat medic, an infiltrator, and a tank. By land, sea, or air, the commando is a technological force to be reckoned with. Come get some. 

A commando can use ten different weapons to bring the pain on the battlefield. The commando weapons are:

  • Two-Handed: assault rifle, grenade launcher, shotgun, shoulder-fired rocket, flamethrower
  • Main Hand: sub-machine gun, pistol, scepter
  • Off Hand: sub-machine gun, pistol, knife, walkie-talkie
A commando can easily switch between his two active weapon sets as needed, but swapping ranged weapons triggers a brief cooldown during which the commando shouts, "I'M OUT!" or "RELOADING!"        


The APC, tank, and helicopter can also carry allied passengers to maximize your firepower. Passengers acquire new skills based on their profession and their position in the vehicle. For example, an elementalist manning the tank's main gun can fire flaming shells, while a necromancer riding shotgun in an APC can use the Corrupted Headlights ability to poison and blind foes caught in the beams.       

Official site even has skill videos  :)
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Wait, what day is it today? 
This should be real.

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Happy April Fools. :)

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Oh man this is so good

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Elite Skill: Tactical Nuke.

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This is pretty great, I love the references to Battlefield and Call of Duty in the skill trailers. 

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The tragic part is this has me more interested in Guild Wars 2 than anything else they've shown off.

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there's a video on the official gw2 site, its pretty fun :)

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