New (Structured) PvP Overview

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From Jon "The Don" Peters himself.All of the features convenience added to Guild Wars over the years on top of destructible environments, map-specific secondary objectives, and hot-joinable and tournament systems many FPS's would be envious of. And people thought that WvW would be the only interesting PvP game type. Plus, not one but two references to other games: Asura's Wrath (server pun in the screenshot) and Mortal Kombat (the finishing-move prompt).
EDIT: Link to a blog on the demo's new map posted by sccynic a little ways down.
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Hm... So it's like 2-20 player AB with additional objectives. Sounds cool - I liked AB, it made every class a pretty much equally useful (except maybe mesmers).

Well, I'm in - of course, would have to see it / play it to be truly convinced.

It's interesting that they aren't doing different basic modes, but instead are focusing on those additional objectives. I wonder how the point system will balance out. First to 500 - 10 points a kill, 50 for a side objective and X/second per point captured? Stuff like that is important, but can also be balanced as the playerbase play tests.

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I just want to know how to make a rampaging dragon into a secondary objective. Do you succeed by getting slaughtered less than the other team?

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Oooh - a post about PvP on the blog. Looks awesome.


Woah, this goes into quite a bit of detail on the basic layout and design philosophy of a PvP map in GW2.

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Hot-joinable PvP sounds great but what is really awesome is:

"While you can still kill a downed player just by attacking them, when you are near a downed enemy, you will also see a prompt: "F - Finish Them!" Hitting F at this point starts the animation for a finishing move that sends your opponent straight to their defeated state."

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@selfconfessedcynic: Nice. Those trebuchets and their repair kits remind me of that GvG map from the first game.
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Sounds cool.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Oh man - just the name Wizard's Isle brings back a flood of fond memories : )

The inclusion of more choke points and the ability to destroy enemy treb is cool - as is the knockback feature of a treb shot. Plus - destructable buildings! Surprising that they thought of this, let alone included it. The fact that you can generate your own shortcuts through a map - and that a map is complex enough to harbor / require the need for shortcuts is impressive.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Hell, the reason I never got into Random/Team Arenas and HA was because there wasn't the level of "map flow" found in AB/FA/JQ. If they can achieve that same feel of exciting objective-based play, then I may have to split my time more evenly between PvE and PvP.
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According to Regina Buenaobra, Conquest isn't the only structured PvP mode, it's just the only one they're prepared to reveal at this point. I'm calling some version of CTF right now, but I'm not so sure about Deathmatch.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: TDM is always fun - I hope it returns. Although the maps weren't nearly as good in TA/RA, the blitzkrieg nature of it was something I couldn't get enough of. As for straight DM, I dont know - I doubt it, but eh?

But your CTF guess is prob. dead on - there's nothing wrong with borrowing from shooters as long as you make it your own. It would be a great replacement for good old GvG. Speaking of which, no doubt that will return in some fashion - something which I'm very very interested in.

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