November Update: The Lost Shores

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Clearly, ArenaNet is out-of-their-minds insane. Luckily, it's the kind of insane that benefits us a great deal. A mere two weeks after the grand finale of the Halloween update, a "massive content patch" titled The Lost Shores will be rolling out. Evidently today's patch dropped some subtle clues about what's happening in LA. A more elaborate explanation of planned content - both from the November release and further into the future - can be found in's interview with that lovable rascal Colin Johanson. New sPvP map could be interesting.

And here's that patch I mentioned earlier, with good news for people who had to miss Act IV of the Halloween event and people who hate orbs in WvW alike.

EDIT: GW2 communiteer Dulfy has compiled a list of the changes that have so far been made to Lion's Arch.

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This is pretty interesting, there's also apparently going to be a one time only event leading up to everything, which is hopefully something a little bit more important than a 10 second cut-scene this time.

I assume this is going to be more level 80 content, since only having Orr at the moment is getting a little dull, especially as it's the only place to farm high-end materials. I also hope they've taking some of the criticism of the main game to hear, specifically for the dynamic events. I'd really like to see some bigger events, with more lasting impact. The Halloween event was amazing though, so it's great to see they're keeping the hype train rolling with more content coming so soon (and by the looks of it, even more in December).

Edit: Apparently it isn't intended as an end-game content update, but is setting up more story elements (the Lost Shore is awfully close to the tengu and deep sea dragon) and will introduce a new "endless style" dungeon, PVP and PVE modes.

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Wow. After the Halloween stuff I was under the impression we would have to have another two months. I'm pretty impressed at what ArenaNet have done so far. I feel like this update will finally let us see the deep sea dragon in the live event. Even if we don't see the dragon, the sentence ,"massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever! " gives me hope of something awesome happening during the live event. On a side note, I love how they sprinkled new events and mini dungeons around, in addition to the main Halloween update, so I hope they continue that trend.

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As long as they can keep the content fresh and interesting while also impacting the world as a whole, I'm more than pumped about it.

With that said, I've been so knee-deep in other shit that I haven't logged on to GW2 in about three weeks. I missed ALL of the Halloween shit. = (

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@jakob187: I think there's still an NPC in Lion's Arch for the next few days that will hand out the special hat. It still suffers from the GW1 problem of inflicting you with baldness, but I'd also expect them to be unique each year, like they were in the original game, so it's probably best to pick it up while you still can. They became quite "prestigious" in later years, since they were proof of how long you'd been around for.

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@WinterSnowblind: Interesting to note that just this year they've made all of the old GW1 hats available through holiday token vendors that essentially allow you to collect one per event per year by doing that holiday's quest chains. So anyone who's still missing any (and still cares, I suppose) can get them relatively easily.

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