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Well first off, this has probably been brought up in past threads somewhere or in chats but I'll ask here:

I know there are some players in the GB guild outside of NA, most probably are EU but I'm sure there are some on the other side of the time-zone like myself.

Sooo I just wanted to ask, if you are outside US timezones, what time do you log on GW2 to play?

For me, I study in Malaysia so I'm usually online at night time here, which means I'm on usually after 2 PM GMT-ish (or some time after) depends on the day and if uni lets me but anyways, this usually means it's some time AM in the US = I don't really see alot of people online in the guild, hell, not alot of people online in the server either = I end up guesting alot at Sea of Sorrows since that's the main unofficial Oceanic server.

So ya, my question is, when do you guys usually come online? when posting a time, use GMT time if u can pls, easier to convert to other time-zones ne :]

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I know we had a few oceanic people but havent seen them online in a while (chief of which was moonlit wind). As for guesting and whatnot, if you arent big into wuv wuv you should definitly server hop to Sea of Sorrows and then guest when we're doing events or whatnot.

anyway, I tend to be online anytime between 7pm gmt to 2am gmt.

I also know the 'core' players tend to be on from 11 pm to 4 am.

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nah, I don't mind guesting on Sea of Sorrows since I only do that so there are people around mainly for events and such when I'm off in the world, PvP and WvW I'm happy to do on Yak's Bend since I do want to get in on some wuv wuv action (xP) with teh guild seeing AS WE NEED TO KICK DRAGONBAND'S ASS >:

And looking at the timings, 11pm-4am GMT means morning time for me which I can make on a few days, definitely on weekends, seeing as the majority of my uni classes this semester are afternoon/night classes, so yay :]

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