Pls Help! GW2 Log on Woes

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Hi all,

So I tried to log onto GW2 after about 4 months away and they wanted me to change my PW. I can't remember my character name so I cannot create a new password. I tried raising a support ticket but for that I need my screen name.... I apparently cannot remember this either.

Is it possible to get my character name any other way (no screenshots on my PC either). I am stuck in a weird loop of not being unable to contact their support team even though I have the correct email and my serial key. Please God help me. I wanted to throw my PC out of the window after 45 mins of trying to get this sorted.

I did join the original GB guild way back when, so maybe my screen name/character name will be on a list somewhere? I did check the most recent google doc but that looks like I've been (rightly) removed for not being on the scene in so long.

Again - please help if you can.


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@thurbleton: thanks man finally got a support ticket raised so fingers crossed!

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How long did it take for them to get back to you?

I've recently found I've got the same problem.

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