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So following the recent Josh Foreman interview I was able to open the discussion for interviewing about SPvP. To make sure the devs we want are the right pick they want to know what types of questions they'd be asked.

While myself and the other hosts are trying to figure out solid questions to ask them I wanted to ask you guys, cause a crowd of people can figure out questions a lot faster then us. I can't say this will lead to anything or that the questions will even be posed to the devs but looking for ideas on questions about Structured PvP in GW2.

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-Custom Arena's are something crazy I haven't seen in other MMO's and sounds like something from a FPS game. How did you guys come up with this idea and what has the development been like?

-This may seem like left field but... why isn't Keg Brawl tied closer to the rest of SPvP? It runs on the Glory system but can't be accessed from the Mists and while simple in design I can't help but imagine how cool a keg brawl tournament could be. Do you plan on adding Keg Brawl, Crab Toss, and other PVE / SPvP mini games into the Custom Arena options when it hits 'release'?

-You've mentioned on prior talks about when developing SPvP you took note of not just popular esports but... real... sports. Do you feel that you've got a polished product with Spectator and Custom Arenas or are there other features for SPvP you want to see added in the future?

-Do you guys plan on having an Arena Net tournament or some sort of 'Season' setup like we see with games like Starcraft and League of Legends? If so will the change of season be a reset in rankings giving players a clean slate to try and fight up in the ranks?

-Some criticism raised when announcing Custom Arenas was that the way to add time for a server you enjoy was buying an item in the gem store. While there is a gold to gem conversion rate for people who play exclusively SPvP they have no option to support their server other then paying cash money. Could you talk about this some; was it an expected issue or something that was decided against offering.

(will post more when I figure stuff out)

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  • I've heard of ArenaNet's plan to "license" certain casters with the ability to spectate live tournaments, but I'd love to have easy access to a list of high-level matches at all times in-game. Are there any plans to implement tournament spectating with a time delay to curb abuse, similar to what was available in GW1 for ranked GvG and HA?
  • The release of new maps has been surprisingly and consistently frequent, but already there are favorites and no-gos for the competitive community. Is the goal to have a mixed pool of tightly balanced and loosely balanced (or "casual") maps that players can choose from depending on the seriousness of their organized play, or will the designers be revisiting certain maps for a balance pass so that official tournaments might have a randomized selection? Do they believe there's such a thing as too many maps for a competitive game?
  • Does my insistence on running a condition damage elementalist in sPvP make me a bad player/human being?
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A Simple one

  • Does class balance effect map design? As well as the other way around

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