PvP Roundtable and New PvP Screens [Guild Wars Insider]

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I've finally gathered the meager will required to form a thread on this, so here we go!
Last Tuesday, GW Insider sat down with PvP Systems Designers Jonathan Sharp, Matt Witter, and Mike Ferguson for a great interview including discussions on how they're designing GW2 as an e-sport, the mesmer's role in structured PvP, new info on World vs. World gameplay, and this salient advice on high-level strategy:

GWI: From a strategy standpoint, is there any kind of tips that you’d like to give to those who are looking to start playing PvP matches in Guild Wars 2?

Mike: Don’t die.

Also, there's this:

Matt: Siege Suits…

Jonathan: Well, we’ve talked about it internally, so we might as well let the cat out of the bag.

Mike: Well… go for it…

Matt: They’re our little twist on battering rams that we’re currently testing out and playing around with. Basically, you spend your supply to build these Siege Suits….

Mike: They’re essentially Giant Asura Golems that you go in and bash doors down with.

Matt: Exactly! You transfer the player into it, and now you’re just this giant, Asura, Battle-MechWarrior sort of thing. You can just walk up and start punching in the gates, punching in people’s faces if you feel the need to; it’s another great, epic siege weapon.

There's an audio version of the interview at the bottom of the page, if you prefer.
This week, ArenaNet has sent some screenshots of never-before seen PvP content that GWI will be doling out over the next few days. Here's Monday's batch, showing a new map that will likely be a part of Febuary's beta:
Blue Base

Red Base

Beneath the fog
 Tuesday pics, showing a norn in the latest PvP scholar armor:
 Battle of Khylo map with background trebuchet shot

PvP lobby

And here's the Wednesday set, featuring a boatload of action shots (also, it looks like you'll be able to change the targeting visual if you didn't like the outlines):

That should be it. I feel like I made some kind of grave error in naming this thread for so few of you to check it out, but whateva-whateva.
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Wow this looks great.  The excitement continues to build.

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Between @Dark_Lord_Spam: and the GW2 sub-reddit, I don't think any information slips through my fingers. Now to wait until May ..

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Fuck, what are MMOs doing with good graphics?

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