Questions about servers and european players.

#1 Posted by Nasos100 (762 posts) -

So im going to buy GW2 to play while waiting for Mists of Pandaria and possibly past that since - you know - no subs and all, and i have a few questions. Somewhere in the forums, or it could be comments on the QL / bombcast , I read that you cant change servers unless you pay a fee, essentialy locking you in a server. That said i am interested in playing with other bombers in the GB guild in Yak's Bend so here are the 2 questions :

1. Can i choose any server i want? I'm gonna buy a straight up retail copy of the game so will it restrict me from the US servers like the battlenet games where you are region locked?

2. If i can pick any server i want, and choose Yak's Bend is there going to be an issue of noone being online when i am because weird hours?

Thanks in advance

#2 Posted by jesterroyal (390 posts) -

Yes and no in that order.

You can pick any server in any region. There was just a warning about it taking a few minutes to transfer your account out of that region. We have a pretty diverse guild. Talked to quite a few UK and ireland duders last night myself before going to bed. I think you will be totally fine.

#3 Posted by ZoomyRamen (255 posts) -

I'm british and am in the guild/mumble. Always someone on. Usually taking the piss out of mine and the other brits accents. It's fun though!

#4 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

@ZoomyRamen: Or you picking on Swedes. :P

#5 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

There's always someone online over here. I think when I woke up this morning there were at least 40 duders online, and that was in the middle of the night in the US.

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