Recording the beta weekend, Could use some help.

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Heylo everyone,
I plan on recording some videos of the general questing and stuff, and am looking for about 1 to 3 other folks that would like to join in on the commentary. Mainly this would be an experiment for me to record audio from multiple sources. Namely from myself and skype/mumble without it being embedded into the gameplay video's audio. Now I already have a general idea of how to do this, but have not been able to put it in practice. So anyone interested would have to deal with the initial set up and testing period before we actually get in the game to play. 
Any footage we get will be edited and put up on my youtube channel ( DisembodiedDave) some time sunday or next week. Though I doubt any real youtube fame will be gained. Though silliness is, of course, encouraged.
I'd liked to start some time this evening, say around 7 EST. Maybe earlier maybe later depending really on when everyone else can do it. Also, since old Beta characters aren't going to be deleted, I plan on playing my lovely afro'd elementalist. Who is around level 10.
If you're interested in helping this audio guy out then please reply in this thread. The ideal person is someone who is patient, friendly, doesn't take the game super seriously, can take a joke, and has a semi decent mic (something that isn't very noisy).

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