Seems Project Mayhem is on our server causing mischeif in Wuv Wuv

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Feel Rvaan's theory about putting all the hacking servers against each other may be flawed slightly. Also his theory about any server that has WvW players hacking should have everyone on the server banned : P

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If you see Project Mayhem [PM] players, give them an earful!

Also the post I found on the official forums, alot of accusations being thrown around.

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Aw, man, this really sucks. Now I can't justify our mediocre server rank with the moral high-ground.

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Well that's lame.

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Eh, gotta do the best you can with the hand you are dealt. Luckily we wont ever see a [BOMB] hacking. Can't keep a whole server clean but at least we can make sure our guild is honorable.

Edit: Also, read the wvw forums for an hour and you'll go insane. So much bitching and whining. And every server is a cheater because they are winning! Also, A friend of mine also saw an orb hacker. And mesmer portals are totally cheap and suck. And its the whole server that hacks because ive seen 10 people. Just an example of what you may get if you go to that link so steel yourself against the angry children.

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That's sucks but we can't stop everyone. ArenaNet will have to do something about all the hackers AS WELL as all the bots I've seen standing and running around in the world. But hey, those hackers are doing this in vain since we've lost the last match up and are more than likely going to lose this one as well.

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Holy shit, they dun caught that on camera! Has ANet commented on the wvw hacking?

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@TheHT: Not extensively. It's assumed they'll do something similar to what they did in GW1, which is to ban large swathes of people all at once.

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Same thing is happening to Desolation/Kodash/Seafarer (me!). Combine it with the Mesmer portals, invisble players and flying players I'm losing my will to play WvW :/

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