Should I Care About HoM?

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I've had all the Guild Wars 1 campaigns for a long time now, and have never played all the way through any of them. Obviously Guild Wars 2 is right around the corner, and I really want to play it. I guess I'm just wondering if I should bother with any of the Guild Wars 1 stuff. Is all the HoM rewards just cosmetic? Or is it like WoW's heirloom gear? I guess that might effect my desire to do the HoM stuff, depending on what the gear does for me.

I was thinking about just going to 30/50 just to get the gear. I don't care about titles. How long does it take to get 30/50?

If anyone has any info or opinions, that'd be great. Thanks!

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Right so I think 30/50 is pretty much not likely if you haven't even started anything yet...unless you've got a bunch of platinum (gold) sitting in the bank. As far as I am aware, it is all mostly cosmetic stuff. It's not got an XP bonus or anything like WoW's heirloom gear. Along with the gear you get minis and different pets for a ranger...but again, they don't seem to give you anything special in game except for an appearance stuff.

But then, GW2 isn't really a gear-driven game like WoW is.

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If you haven't played through any of the campaigns it'll probably take a month at least of playing it a crap tonne to get 30/50.

I've spent a lot of time playing GW1 (probably like 300+ hours I just did a /age. I've been playing for 1441 hours D:) and only have 20/50 (Granted my time wasn't spent specifically going for the HoM). You could probably get about 5-10 playing through the games. You probably have a few birthday presents by now which will give minis, there is also some probably not too hard to get hero armour. As for your own armour, you could probably get 1 or 2 sets of 15k by playing through all four campaigns.

I'm a little bummed that I didn't manage to get to 24. I wanted that ice crown but just couldn't bring myself to farm for the money I'd need to get another set of armour or the super special weapons.

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I'd say to not do it if your only drive is to get the rewards. The original Guild Wars is a very different beast and worth enjoying on its own merits, and grinding out a ton of HoM points as quickly as you can will sour you on the game quickly. Especially if your end goal is to improve the Guild Wars 2 experience when you could already be playing that game (it'll definitely be out before you can get 30/50). That said, by just owning both a GW1 and GW2 account and linking the two, you can get the first three rewards automatically.

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#5 Posted by Benny (2009 posts) -

Took me around 170 hours from scratch to get 30/50 but I enjoyed the whirlwind tour of GW1 along the way. It will feel more like a chore than fun if you are doing it for pure HoM points though.

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So.. I have 3/50. Haha. I'm not worried about it. If I had realized I'd be buying GW2, I would've tried for it - but I didn't decide until like a week ago.

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@theimmortalbum said:

So.. I have 3/50. Haha. I'm not worried about it. If I had realized I'd be buying GW2, I would've tried for it - but I didn't decide until like a week ago.

Haha, yea. I think that's exactly the boat I'm in. My desire to play it just hit me like 2-3 days ago. I don't know why, it just did.

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In the end it's just a bunch of skins and little things. I tend to think of the HoM as a reward system for people who've spent a ton of time playing the original Guild Wars. Personally I think I've logged almost 700 hours on my ranger. :)

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#9 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

@makoyim: In my opinion, they should have locked the rewards. I guess it's fair enough if people go back and earn them, but they really were meant for those who devoted a lot of time to GW1 (and it's far easier to do now than it was back in the day). Having people going back and playing it just for the achievements is quite a shame.. Still, I'm sure it's helping sales of the original game significantly.

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