Show Off Your Main Character - A Screenshot Thread

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Today's the day, respectively tonight's the night. Not to butcher some other killer, but to nail down faces and names and background stories. So post a picture and share some deets. Here goes me...

Meet Oddo Trueflight, Charr Ranger of the Ash Legion - one charming son of a bitch. His pet devourer knows no mercy. Naming his two pets Farson (ranged pet) and The Goodman (melee/tank pet), in honor of the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. His father is a warbandless gladium. His best friend is Clawspur, the silent-type Thief. Absolutely digging the blackish blue fur. Bright orange eyes. And some dark reddish brown type of hair. Initially I wanted to go with red eyes, but somehow that was just too evil-looking.

My only screenie of Oddo thus far, I'll be making and adding more shortly.

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My Main is called server error, he is a fucking asshole.

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i didn't take any decent screenshots, just screenshots to compare and contrast with Johnny Cage images, i was trying to match his eye colors since he usually wears glasses, but i went with green instead of brown.

i restarted customization for this character many times (this being one of the rejects)

I picked mesmer because its my favorite! but it also works because Johnny Cage is a fellow thespian being an actor himself so it all works perfectly B)

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My character (Gravier Delanis, someone got to just plain old "Gravier" first. Doh) paying tribute to something fairly obvious there with what he is carrying hehe.

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Loading Video...

I haven't started yet, will probably make a human mesmer. Charr mesmer could be kind of cool though and so would an asuran thief.

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I will as soon as I can log in again ><

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@Gravier251 said:

My character (Gravier Delanis, someone got to just plain old "Gravier" first. Doh) paying tribute to something fairly obvious there hehe.

Gravier? Never heard of him. Where from's that?
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Not too sure where the name came from, might have been from a book or something. Several years ago I used the name in an MMO and since then it has just kind of stuck and I have since used it for pretty much everything. As for the tribute thing, maybe I phrased it poorly. I meant more a tribute with the giant bomb he is holding >.< hehe.

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Dyntos the Engineer at your service.
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From the moment I heard Charr would be playable in GW2 I knew what I had to do. It was only recently that I thought that engineer would be my preferred class. Turns out, lore wise, it's a pretty good pick.

There's something incredibly amazing about four eared, horned, steampunk(y) firecats.

Kaldera Cinderbolt, Maker of Fine Arms and Explosives
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Dooth Rockstroker, one smooth motherfucker
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This Image Is Called 'Oddo Defeated'

Oddo, how he first bought the farm. Punched the big one. Met the Pale Rider. Damn Flame Legion Effigy. Curses!

btw. How do I make screenshots without UI and HUD these days?

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@Seppli: Ctrl + Shift + H hides the UI.

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Greetings from Barkus
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@Denric said:

Greetings from Barkus


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Ho Lee Phuk says hi 

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Meet Blaze Bloodblitz, honored member of his legion's primus warband.

Why isn't he wearing a shirt? Because he's fucking constantly on fire, that's why.

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Meet Helena Gordon, Engineer
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@warxsnake said:

Ho Lee Phuk says hi

Okay, so...

Leaves are pretty much the Sylvari equivalent to hair, right? So she has one HELL of a bush down there, right? It also looks like she is having a party by her bum.

And, to top it all off, her boobs are fuzzy (relative to humans, of course) and asymmetrical.


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@warxsnake said:
Ho Lee Phuk says hi 
She looks like she isn't all there... you know... in the head.
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SamStrife, surveying the battlefield with her rifle at the ready. There are no winners in this war, she knows that, but she'll do everything in her power not to lose.

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@Maystack said:

Dooth Rockstroker, one smooth motherfucker

haha brilliant picture

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Push It Gal

Wait a second, I'm an Engineer, why is there a dog here?!?!

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Charr with a hammer, nothing better!

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I find these pictures disturbing.

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Meet the mighty Scarrmander, he is a mighty feline catlike animal-man that makes even the most fearless man shiat his panties.

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They don't call me the Slayer for nothing.

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Me and my friend just chillin' before our dive.
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@Xyber: That's one way to cruise for chicks.

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I'm all glowy and shit.
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in the tutorial
about to die
sleepy or something
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Achilles Zeno:

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Oddo Trueflight stroking his big sword, after a long climb onto a haunted tower
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Chronith Telrunya of guild [DARKSTALKERS]

In her town clothes outside the crafting stations.
Current armor with staff.
Shield Bubble!
Fuck Harry Potter. My wand is a greatsword!
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Well shit, I forgot about Guild Wars 2, I had no idea it was out yet... I better get on this right nao!

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Just a quick picture I took while I was on my way to 100% the Norn 1-15 starting area. This is my Charr, Mist Strype. I'm wearing pieces of the armor that I bought from the Gem store (Helmet and shoulder pads).

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Throne Room
Mr. Wii's Party

various adventures of Mr. Cage and sometimes Lord Faren lol

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Lady Mondegreen

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@Bestostero: Maybe it's just me but your character looks exactly like Sidney Crosby.

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Jefferson Strange

w/ Winston

He is...the life...of :| Not pictured: gravity

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Oddo laughs at Gravity after he has defeated it yet again
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@dennisthemennis said:

@Bestostero: Maybe it's just me but your character looks exactly like Sidney Crosby.

well he must be a very dashing and stunning fella B)

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Moezark tries to keep a low profile during sieges.
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Changed the Dye a little bit. I am happy with it.

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