Show Off Your Main Character - A Screenshot Thread

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Fleshshaper Skugg

I'm putting my Charr Engineer on the backburner for the time being, as I almost never play spellcasters, and the Asura are just too cool. Their personality in both 1 and 2 makes 'em my favorite race by far.

Not to mention they have the best starting area.

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My engineer Assarissa

This is my Sylvari engineer Assarissa, who blows a ton of shit up.

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Oddo Trueflight - starting to look like some bad assery might have occurred. Just got to the lvl 60 tier of leatherworking looks, and I got a Tier 1 Ebonhawk Shortbow skin for roughly 10k Karma, which is hella sweet (Cultural Tier 1-wise, haven't come across neater skins than Ebonhawk thus far). Love my current look. Hopefully I'll soon unlock some blackish dye - so Oddo can finally go full-on Order of Wispers/Ash Legion commando-style - just need to tame me a Panther one of these days too.

Oddo keeping watch over Ebonhawk - notice: Bad Ass Ebonhawk cultural weapon skin on his shortbow


 Downright sizzling with awesome, Oddo's new armor

 Oddo can't wait to pose with the other badass Charr on display

 Does the sizzle wear off already? Damn.

 Now where's that artist I commissioned to fashion my bad ass iron likeliness for posternity?

 Yep - logging in is a joy! Nice to see ya again fella'.
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Level 40 Asura Guardian. Name's Tuition.

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 WTF is Oddo wearing on his head?
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So I switched mains. I would like to introduce you all to "Zwartepiet". He's known in Holland to be good at climbing on the rooftops silently to deliver gifts for our old friend Sinterklaas so what better profession than being a thief?

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 Oddo and his pet Lynx enjoying the view, reminiscing on...

 ...kicking Griffons in the beak, and...

...stomping Mole Men into the ground. Good times!
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Dinged 80 tonight, woot.

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Level 80 Asura Thief, inching closer to full exotics.

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Bob Danelou. I make gluten free desserts.
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 Finally got around to get my crafting to 400, and despite having had a ton of mats, it was quite expensive - Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking 400 - Yay!

Lookie there - Oddo's newly crafted 'Noble' attire in close-up, the rare-quality lvl 80 medium armor look.
Sitting at just over 50% world completion, I'm guessing crafting is going to be my road to a full set of Exotic level gear - because before I'm ever going to farm instances, I want to see the whole world first. Also only visited 2 dungeons thus far, each in storymode, and one explorable run into the Citadel of Flame - so there's still so much stuff to see.
Spent my time tonight in the Straits of Despair. Good god, the underwater content there is a kick-in-the-balls. Hate it so much. Really wonder what ArenaNet is thinking with the difficulty there. Most underwater events are way too hard to solo, and there's really no random PvE zergs forming underwater to mitigate the high default difficulty of these endgame zones. It's extremely annoying. Loving the high difficulty on land, but underwater, that's just retarded. I'm not going to LFG, just to have an enjoyable time exploring the sea and a realistic chance at success in the random events I discover.
In my opinion, underwater stuff should mostly be solo-centric - and with how buggy the underwater combat is, especially with pets involved, that stuff definitely shouldn't be harder than on-dry-land content. Done an event today, freeing dudes locked-up in Risen Clams. Everytime I attack a Clam, like 10 enemies automatically aggro. That's full-on retard design. It's not even declared as a 'group event', and I've not once encountred such overly aggressive reactions anywhere else - at least not in that numbers. I'm too fucking proud to let such a thing go. Just sloggin' away at that stupid piece of shit for hours. The worst.
Always was ArenaNet's problem. Making shit unenjoyably hard. The reason I quit GW1, and never came back. GW2 is much better in this regard, but every now and then, there's just retardedly hard stuff in there. The underwater content in the Straits of Despair doesn't work for solo players. Playing on the most active server in the world, at least numbers-wise, that place is deserted. I enjoy the hard difficulty on-land, but underwater, that stuff's just too unforgiving to be enjoyable. If solo players don't have an enjoyable time, there's never going to be a random zerg doing these events, because nobody is willing to spend time there in the first place. Straight-up dumb design, which is a real thumb-in-the-butt, because pretty much everything else is exceedingly clever in design.
Alienating players, by making solo play inadequate, and content exceedingly frustrating and unfun - I'll never understand that. There's loads of appropriate places for challenging content, and the need for LFG-grouping and coordinated teamplay - open world underwater exploration isn't it.
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My condition Necromancer.

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My Necro

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Oddo finally has gold to spend on Exotic weapons. Got himself one of them ugly Pearl swords and a Kodanroar warhorn (both sporting Berserker stats - pricey) - which I decided to transmute with Lionguard gear. The sword is a bit on the tiny side, but I like the heroic lion motif, and the Lionguard warhorn skin is by far my favorite.
For open world PvE, I'm absolutely loving the sword&warhorn / axe&torch combination - few Rangers roll that way, but it's highly effective. Especially comboing off the the torch's flame-field with the axe - absolutely awesome. Not yet certain if I want to go full-on Berserker stats, or if I should mix in some Rampager for good measure. I heard some survivabiltiy stats could be in order for some of the harder explorable mode dungons, but I'll just skew with jewels at that point. Anywho - here's Oddo with his first set of Exotic weapons.

 Sword and Warhorn is an absolute blast in open world PvE - skills 2 & 3 have built-in evasion (needed to disengage as well, since dodgerolls get canceled by the autoattack rotation). Once engaged, it's hard to get away from a Ranger's sword-autoattack rotation - it's all leaps and flying roundhouse kicks going across the flippin' map. Sick DPS.

 Love the lion motif on the Lionguard warhorn. By far my favorite warhorn skin thus far. Sadly - in this picture - one can't see the red ribbon streaming off it . Just another nice touch to the model.

 Some swordskill caught in a random snapshot. Guessing that's the Serpent Strike. Good Times. Also - notice the sexy Devourer & Mini-Devourer combo. So very Charr of good old Oddo.
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Taeles at level 40.
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My main character Aeran Fenn on Yak's Bend:

In front of the smithy in Salma District
Caravan escort
Summoned by the Queen
Chatting up a visiting sylvari
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Currently revving up to full lvl-80 exotics, sadly the crafted medium armor stuff looks god-awful - so I transmuted it with my favorite crafts from leveling. The cowl's Charr racial tier 1. Only need to build a pair of gloves, which will be transmuted with Charr racial tier 1 gloves (totally badass, with claws, giving Oddo 2 sets of claws). Likely will grab me a pair of the Orr karma shoulder pads, rather than the model I'm currently using - 40k Karma is just a lot of dough. Also got me an axe and a torch, which got transmuted with Lionsguard gear - and made me a Mystic Crescent shortbow in the Mystic Forge, which is quite sexy with a lightning effect glow to it. Gettin' there.
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Main char. Lie Marsten.
No mask one. Pretty boy.

I don't have that much time to play, so only level 34 at the moment. I like my crafted gear, but looking forward to some cultural armor.

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Turning some of my crafting mats collection valuables into gold, I finally managed to go 'Full Exotics' tonight (well - I still lack an Exotic dagger with Berserker stats, a Rampager Harpoon Gun and a Berserker Spear). Oddo Trueflight - maximized glass cannon.

 Here's the Armor-look I transmuted my crafted Berserker stuff into. Except for the pants and shoes, they're still the original scaly look, and they're still significantly ugly.

 Mystic Forge Greatsword (has Berserker stats)

 Transmuted a Berserker Pearl bow with the Lionguard longbow

 Lionguard models for Rampager Exotic Axe & Torch

 Different Perspective
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Almost forgot to show off the Mystic Crescent shortbow (Rampager stats out of the Mystic Forge). Very sexy, especially in action.

 Exotic Oddo with Crescent Moon in Action

 Idle, but ready - notice lightning effect on the bow

 Yep - year of the bow!
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This is my girl 'Blonde Vengeance'.

Y'all wanna piece?

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My new shortbow with Berserker stats - transmuted exotic pearl shortbow into Lionguard skin - tiny, but classy

Due to limitations to the usefulness of condition damage, I decided to drop all Rampager gear (Shoulder & Boots & Shortbow & Axe & Torch) in favor of Berserker stats gear. Turning all my crafting mats into gold, I managed to replace all but the axe & torch right away. Also got me an exotic Berserker spear & an exotic Berserker harpoon gun - so direct damage Glass Cannon playstyle-wise, I'm pretty much completely decked out. Some sick DPS.

Already spent all night playing WvW. Ranger is a total blast. Especially defending with a longbow. Pretty much singlehandedly held up 20 players from taking a tower. Love the endgame. Do some zones I didn't do before. Farm some orichalcum and such in Orr for a spell. Go on a dungeon run or two. Play some sPvP. And now that WvW queue times have gotten somewhat tolerable, good sessions of WvW - it really comes together big time for me.

Can't wait to join up with a WvW-centric guild and get in on some largescale WvW action, with VoiP and all.

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Got a bit tired of the Gem shop skin

Made changes to the helmet (back to racial tier 1) and shoulder (medium armor Order of Wispers) - want to get rid of the gloves and coat skin too - any suggestions?

Edit - a day after:

Finished up my personalization with custom armor skins. Used Cultural Armor T1&T2 to mix things up. Tier 2 coat and tier 1 gloves and boots. Colors are Midnight Rose and Illumination. Have a look.

Front - not yet quite certain if I want to keep it 'that' gold
Back - same for the gloves, might tone back the gold a bit. Also - Lionguard gear looks swell with all the Midnight Rose and Illumination.
Side - love the hoodie on the tier 2 cultural medium armor chestpiece
Backside with Lionguard Greatsword skin - what a sexy sword.
Front - going all Guts-style of Berserk fame
Greatsword in action - charge move
Close-up - Bravestar is with Oddo
Jup - feels good to be Charr, and the tiny Broodmother agrees
After playing with this skin for a day, I'm satisfyied - guess this is the final look for Oddo, because I sure as hell won't grind explorable modes. World Completion is at 94% currently, should be 100% before the week is out. Just in time to migrate to XCOM. Albeit I'm kinda hot for playing my Norn Warrior 'Moshpit Brewslayer', but that'll have to wait 'til the next big content drop. Will likely log-in every now and then for a round of sPvP or WvW though 'til then. Great game and an insane value. Looking foward to whatever ArenaNet releases next.
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Say hello to Soki.

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Current look, loving my new bow.

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My Asura. :)

He's based a little bit on Link from The Legend of Zelda, his clothing at least.

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My level 80 Necromancer, Iniq.

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Finally got my shit together with my main. I think I'm finally done with cosmetic changes, weapons and armour - now it's just getting all my accessories maxed.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Oh, shit! Is that Dawn you're holding? Or does it just have the same skin? Really love how the heavy Vigil set looks, too.
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I need a decent looking sword like that, mines pretty plain.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

@selfconfessedcynic: Oh, shit! Is that Dawn you're holding? Or does it just have the same skin? Really love how the heavy Vigil set looks, too.

I would assume it's just the same skin. That one is actually fairly common and pretty cheap.

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@shinboy630 said:

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

@selfconfessedcynic: Oh, shit! Is that Dawn you're holding? Or does it just have the same skin? Really love how the heavy Vigil set looks, too.

I would assume it's just the same skin. That one is actually fairly common and pretty cheap.

Yeah, no - it's called Khrysaor, the Golden Sword and I picked it up for a bit under 4 gold (but it comes with terribad stats, so I had to pick up another sword to transmute it with - I actually went for an exotic Knight's blade because I can use it with both my tanky spec and my dps spec - and I couldn't afford an exotic Berserker's blade : P ).

I actually didn't know it looked like Dawn >_> - I got it because it looks semi Roman.

The Armor is indeed Vigil mixed with Primeval - I personally dont like the Vigil shoulders or boots.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Ha, and here I was thinking you were a secret GW2 millionaire. Still, it's a great skin.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Haha - well, I think you can pick up Dawn off the TP for a measily 400 gold - which is what, $1000?

I'd rather that than spend the time forging it - but I'd consider myself crazy either way. I'm happy with Khrysaor - and it has a cooler name : )

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An updated look at my Thief...

..and my FABULOUS Elementalist!

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is char dropped his pimp suit and im slowly starting to turn him in to shredder

#138 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

@Raios: @Grillbar:

Woah - it's like the 70's, 80's and 90's are all flooding back into the present.


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Got my alt to 80 and got a dagger that I really like.

Give me your money.
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Oddo's current look...

It's a combination of Racial Tier 2 (Mask), Order of Wispers (Chest & Shoulder), and the rest is Vatslaaw's Armor (Misc. Alternative Stats BoEs from the TP). Colors are Abyss & Oxblood & Illumination.

Since the Southsun Cove & Fractals content drop, playing pure glass cannon has become unwise, so I'm currently running around in Condition Dmg & Toughness & Precision gear. 10/30/30/00/00 Traits. Loads of fun throwing traps, and wielding Axe & Torch/Sword & Dagger combo (shortbow when absolutely needed). Lovely self-combo opportunities with plenty firefield uptime, and massive AoE condition dmg overall (usuall 5-10 stacks of bleed & poison & burning on any given target, against groups of any size). Evasion-centric Sword & Dagger gameplay has maximum style.

My legendary torch is still about a month of steady grinding away. What a stupid grind. Oh well...

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After 500 million hours of glory farming I finally hit rank 20 in PvP to get this sexy suit of armour:

That + valley weapons is the pinnacle of Tyrian fashion IMO.

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@UssjTrunks: Kind of looks like Koss from gw1

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The whole reason I rolled a female human necro was for cute outfits like this one.

Katherine Delacroix - L54 Necro
#144 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

@StarvingGamer: She's actually pretty badass.

#145 Edited by StarvingGamer (9172 posts) -

Oh gods, what have you done to me Guild Wars 2!?!?!?!? I was so cute! Now I'm just trashy.

Katherine Delacroix - L70 Sexy Necro?
#146 Posted by shinboy630 (1331 posts) -
@StarvingGamer Welcome to MMO light armor. Obviously the trashier you look the better you are at the game.
#147 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3848 posts) -

@shinboy630: Even my burly charr looks like a total slut.

#148 Posted by shinboy630 (1331 posts) -
Meet Shin Mesbian.
#149 Posted by Packfan104L4 (229 posts) -

Happy fun time with Squddel in LA!

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