So basically it's just another MMO ?

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As someone who has played MMOs long before WoW, to me GW2 doesn't feel much like WoW at all. I think too many people think MMO = WoW and therefor miss a lot of the subtleties in both this game and the genre as a whole. Also, I think faulting an MMO for being an MMO is ridiculous. I don't like fighting games, but when the next Street Fighter comes out I'm not going to complain that it's still a fighting game. "You still have to hit a series of buttons in order to make a combo, lame!"

And I think it's perfectly fair for them to market this to people who may not like MMOs because whether or not they'll like GW2 will really depend on why they don't like MMOs. For a long time I've seen people complain endlessly about MMO subscription fees, and this game does away with that completely. So for all those people who didn't like MMOs because they don't like paying a subscription, this is absolutely the game for them. And for people who might not like MMOs because of the hassles in grouping inherent in the trinity system, or those who dislike extremely linear questing paths, or those who hate gear grinds, then GW2 might again be the game for them. However, for the group that basically hates MMOs as a genre and hates most of what constitutes an MMO, yeah, this game may not be for them. Although, I don't really think ArenaNet has ever marketed it like it was.

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"Basically this is just another game-news-website."

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If you are basing this off of the quicklook, APPARENTLY Jeff wasn't really demonstrating the game, especially the combat, for what it actually is. I'm basing this off the comments from the video - I haven't played the game myself.

Yeah he missed most of the important things and from the way he played the issue was that he was playing it like you would wow or swotor.

If you cut it down then in some way's it is only yet another mmo, but it has a lot of things under the hood that makes the game great. It is not perfect, but there is more to it then what this showed.

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For me saying Guild Wars 2 is just another World of Warcraft is tantamount to saying Mortal Kombat is just another Street Fighter, or Call of Duty is just another Quake. 
For people with a strong distaste for the genre as a whole it is very true on many levels.
For people who are on the fence regarding the genre it is very false on many levels. 

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