Some guys doing 4v30 in WvW (and winning)

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Just some kids having fun in WvW doing a 4 vs. 30. Love the 300 strategy they used. Clearly elementalist is overpowered! 

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That was pretty cool. You should do a little bit of a longer write up or it will be considered spam, which would be a shame because that was actually pretty cool.

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That was fantastic.

#4 Posted by Canteu (2917 posts) -

These guys are incredible.

@UssjTrunks: Update your post with some text. Or this will get locked.

#5 Posted by laserbolts (5485 posts) -

That is some skilled play. I bet those guys ripped it up in WoW arena.

#6 Posted by beeftothetaco (438 posts) -

Thats a lot of cleansing rain

#7 Posted by SomeJerk (3760 posts) -

Makes me wish for a proper DAoC2. Uggh.

#8 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7736 posts) -

@laserbolts: Zerg busting rarely or never happened in WoW, much more a Warhammer and DAoC thing. Arena is a stale predictable environment wherein the same thing happens over and over and your ability to execute that same thing is what determines success; the whole point of WvW or RvR is that it's more or less unscripted and fairly unpredictable (of course with the size of zergs and lack of skill in the MMO playerbase now they've kind of become diluted and predictable over time).

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