Still no release date

#1 Posted by Lost_In_Gaming (210 posts) -

After all this time and all the sudden information coming out in the past couple months, I find it a little odd that there still isn't a definitive release date. Just give me something to wait for (it's easier to be hyped about something that way).

#2 Posted by Teirdome (262 posts) -

I'm still not sure if it's 2010 or 2011, but they sure have turned their hype machine on.

#3 Posted by Tearhead (2196 posts) -

Last time I checked, they said a beta is planed towards the end of this year and release is around "early 2011." I'm really excited for this game, and I'm willing to give them all the time they need. If I'm gonna spend as much time in GW2 as I did in the original, I want it to be as good as it can be.

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