The Guild Wars 2 Screenshot Thread

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You know what to do guys...

Show off your characters, your armour, your weapons, janky funny shit that's happened to you, awesome jaw-dropping scenery and architecture. All that good stuff!

If you want to take really high resolution images (7680x4320), then check out the screencap keybinds and take a look at the high res option, also remember to hold down shift to remove the UI.

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Only got those two so far.

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The game really does have some really amazing scenery. The cities especially are just amazing to explore and feel really alive.

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I think I've found a way to enjoy this game.

Unfortunately Slab Bulkhead and Blast Hardcheese were taken.

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@Cake: Screenshot of the year, every year!

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@Cake: Touché.

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@Cake said:

Hahaha, fucking great.

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Boots only? Sounds like a party.
I thought this memorial was pretty awesome.
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The auto attack on lightning dagger is awesome
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Shit is crazy.

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Some famous faces and scenery...

More to come.

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Ugggh, I can't wait until the income for my new PC comes in. These screens are incredible.

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Is it just me or does this game look terrific for an MMO?

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Why don't more games have this amazing feet positioning technology?

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Damn near everyone is a human? What about the kitty people?! Only one user? I demand more!

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@arch4non: If your non-enjoyment is turning into a grudge, then I'd suggest you stop playing the game and not follow these forums.

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This i my thief gal. I also have an Elementalist that I should get some screenshots of. So far I'm liking the thief much more.
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You ask for Cats you shall receive!

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And then there's this weird one... 
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It looks like a painting.
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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Why would you even say that? More games need to do the feet thing I posted.

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Behold the funkiest mage you've ever seen.
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@D_W said:

Behold the funkiest mage you've ever seen.

Funky Student Mage. Well, I never.

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I got some fancy winter blue dye, which I think looks really great on guardian armour. I also have to praise the game for not making all female characters look like strippers.. Even if some of the elementalist armour is a bit silly.

Done quite a bit of the charr story today too, which is really great. Much more interesting than the human stuff.

Almost feel like a traitor, playing as a charr in the ruins of Ascalon!

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Nice view, with diving board!
Underwater looks good
Looks like Liam Neeson... Named him Henry Ducard (
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@arch4non: My bad. I had taken a brief look at your picture and figured you were being mean-spirited. I see what you mean now.

@D_W said:

Behold the funkiest mage you've ever seen.

I bet this guy has a riddle or two to tell.

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I've been trying to get to places that it shouldn't be easy to get to. heh
Also what is that robot squid thing?
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That does not look right.
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Dat crit chance.

Edit - one more:

@Xyber: Where did you get that greatsword? It looks awesome. The only skins I've seen of them have been crappy.

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@Adamsons: Story quest.

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All Hail King Virtua Charvis!
Those Blood Legion girls sure are freaky.
Oh no! The Beta Weekend is ending?
Just calm down and have a rest boy, I'll see you next BWE!
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It's as if I'm playing Eye of the North
I didn't know the game was so gory

Game of the Year 2012

Each clone only does 5 damage
Totally fell off a cliff at the end of this mission. I rage quit.
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So all the humans still look like supermodels? Great.

In other news, these screenshots are making me very sad. If I didn't know this was Guild Wars 2, I would have assumed it was just another shitty F2P MMO. Sigh.

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@BaneFireLord said:

So all the humans still look like supermodels? Great.

In other news, these screenshots are making me very sad. If I didn't know this was Guild Wars 2, I would have assumed it was just another shitty F2P MMO. Sigh.

You should probably play it before you start spouting shit(ty F2P MMO) talk.

That said, my display picture is GW2.

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This one's straight up beautiful. From the first Norn camp. Captions are being weird, so I'll just put the first caption here... "My pants lost all durability and broke when I was fighting that FUCKING shaman asshole. Even in freezing cold, Alf stays badass."
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The Beginning of the End: Charvis figures out the dye system
A Slippery Slope: Charvis buys a style item
Rock Bottom: Charvis buys a damn pirate costume
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Disco time!

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Someone spent a lot of time making this riverbed. Also, dynamic poses.

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Dapper-lookin' Huntsman and Ranger of the Ash Legion - Oddo Gashprowler

On the prowl for Flame Legion tail on a foggy Monday morning
 Taking in the sights and sounds of the Black Citadel... and reading up on all these fine immortalized Charr heroes - Oddo is a gentleman and a scholar
Meet Macon, the flying Bacon!
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You guys don't know how much it pains me that this was only a weekend thing, I've never gotten as deep into an MMO as I did these past 3 days.

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