The Guild Wars 2 Screenshot Thread

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The Protagonist. Priceless!

Nothing better than a good old sacrifice after a hard day of climbing. , we might have to go and get you a new pet.

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Guild Bow. Quaggans are too damn cute.
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 Bombshell Bunny - Engineer

 Brewslayer - Warrior

 Obelle Digitalis - Thief

 Bolton Tickertocker - Elementalist
Finally got around to fill out the ranks for some sPvP goodness. Bombshell Betty was taken - sadly. Bombshell Bunny will do. Surprised Brewslayer was available. Though the more time I spent on thinking about playing another character, the less I wanted to. I'll just end up doing everything with my main character, Oddo Trueflight - the Charr Ranger - and hop into a game of sPvP every now and then with another profession.
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I don't know about anyone else but I'm having the hardest time trying to pick a main.

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The Giantbomb run through Caudecus's Manor a level 40 dungeon. Had to get a pic in front of the floating head.

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One of the group events in Queensdale. So much fun.
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Amazing locales.
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My Shatter sighting on my photo safari tour in the Brand - what an epic encounter - for photographers mostly!

 This face-off didn't end well for Mister Shatterer
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Damn near everyone is a human? What about the kitty people?! Only one user? I demand more!

I'm a Charr.


Meet Finlee Kilgore Esq, the Charr Warrior.
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 Waiting on the Shatterer... glorious idea while waiting... shift + mouse 3 for shooting screenies... the following madness ensues... enjoy the Shatterer fight as shot by Oddo Trueflight...

 Finally - even an oversized chicken is but a chicken...

 ...and flies its true colors as it takes flight to escape ultimate defeat
The current balancing on The Shatterer fight just doesn't scale all the way up to the 100+ people currently farming this thing. Gameplay-wise, I was quite disappointed by this circumstance the first time around. Doing a Pokemon Snap session however? Fun-friggin'-tasticly awesome.
Really hope these types of open world fights will get more tightly balanced, with a real chance of defeat spicing the whole affair up a notch.
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W-what?! It can't be!
It's RobbieMac! How'd he get in there?!

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Posing with my trophy.
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I'd pay to see Jeff Dunham in Guild Wars 2!
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My Shatter sighting on my photo safari tour in the Brand - what an epic encounter - for photographers mostly!

This face-off didn't end well for Mister Shatterer

Now rocking this as my wallpaper good work!

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@Seppli said:

My Shatter sighting on my photo safari tour in the Brand - what an epic encounter - for photographers mostly!

This face-off didn't end well for Mister Shatterer

Now rocking this as my wallpaper good work!

i don't usually download other people's screenshots, but this one is totally worth keeping. i also really like this fire one.

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@TheHT said:

@Khemitude said:

@Seppli said:

My Shatter sighting on my photo safari tour in the Brand - what an epic encounter - for photographers mostly!

Now rocking this as my wallpaper good work!

i don't usually download other people's screenshots, but this one is totally worth keeping. i also really like this fire one.

Glad you guys like these screenshots. Was loads of fun shooting screenies like a photographer. Click click click click. Handy hotkey recommended.

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Me, posing for the camera.
Swimmin' with the Quagans.
Some lovely scenery.
Found a duder named "Apple Jack". Mmmm... Apple Jacks.
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@Nickieroonie: Is that the one in blazeridge steppes? Because that chest was bugged for me :/

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@shinboy630: It was in Diessa Plateau, north of the wall in the southeast portion of the map.

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So, did the Kol Skullsmasher world boss today... twice. I was liking Guild Wars 2, but *this* is what elevated to one of my favourite experiences this year. Ridiculously fun, crazy and just exhilarating to be part of - Have some screenshots!

Kol Take One: bit of an undermanned attempt - also, crazy hard to hide the UI, take screencaps and still fight! 
 Kol 2: Electric Boogaloo was much more orderly though...
 ... Thanks to this neat line of ranged characters serving as a fall back/healing position. Organisation!
Order fell apart for the follow up centaur events though, in favour of some mindless zerging. 
Sorry that this post is a bit long, got somewhat snap-happy! But yeah, this was really fun stuff. I can't wait to see more massive, linked events like this later on in the game.
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I gotta say, I really enjoyed going through the Charr starter area. Something about felt more Guild Wars-y. Could just be me having read a bunch on the whole Searing and whatnot.

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@Giefcookie: In that third picture that guy jumping off looks like he is having the time of his life.

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I found a chicken you guys

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Got this during The Shatterer fight. I think it's the best shot I've taken.
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Champion Shark is no match for the adventurer horde stampeding through his territory
Sceneic Cavediving
Now this is what I believe is called a peaceful jungle grove
Yarr Harr Harr, Yo Ho Ho - can you guess who's living here? Hint : Not Santa
Likely the same lot who cobbled together this ramshackle outpost with flotsam
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ooo Waterfall pretty
WTF is that!?
Told him to paint me at lvl80
Mr T
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 A little photo safari of the Brand...

 ...the fuck's up with the flashlight?

 ...branded proctologist veterinary? Shining a light up my iugana's ass?

 Hmmm... that spire's tip is conspicuously illuminated. The branded proctologist's den maybe?

 What's that? A branded Charr?

 DIE! You monster! *karate kick in the groin*

 Time to blow this popsicle stand! Let's pounce!

 Off to brighter lands!
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Another day, another photoshoot - this in an artsy sepia tint...

Why what's so bad about this place?

 Just perfect for a morning stroll.

Don't you agree - Pink Moa?

 Canons? Here? What for? It really seems deserted. Must be some left-over relics of a war long past.

 Slappin' zombies in the face with my serrated blade sword? How did we get here? What? Just keep pecking at their eyesockets!

 The eyes! Brilliant idea my friend. I'll blind them zombie giants with my bow and arrow. What do you mean - no eyes? They've got no eyes is what your saying? Damn you Zhaitan!

 Clearly - that dude has an eye. So peck at it boys! Harder! Hehehe - he's a one-eyed giant, and a hit with the ladies... get it?

Big. But drops like a stone in no time. Should've done your kegels son.

 Somebody wants to win a bloody Oscar for the most theatrical and drawn out death scene performance - get on with it!

 Enough already! Let it go.

 That's it! You're dead.

After all that excitement - let's check out some wacky architecture - like this leaning... what the... this mighty askew room.

 So that's how Zhaitan spent his eyeball budget?

 Have at it boy! Some hard peckin' is in order.
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Ascalonian Turkeys! WTF!
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 A Flamin' Rock Dickhead
 On the Prowl for Pink Birds
 Shiny reflection, both Top and Bottom
 No sexy 'rippling water' shaders, but them reflections are nothing to sneeze at
Anet lowered viewing and drawing distance quite a bit since the BWEs, yet still one heck of a view
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I want that coat for real, and the hat!
I love the looks of the armor, but I guess the water isn't bad either.
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Anyone need a hand?
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At lvl 60

First time I craft a full set of armor for myself and it looks badass.

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Charr sure love their tanks, and Oddo loves his little crawly critters
Experimental Weapons Testing - my favorite kind
First stack 3 freeze debuffs, then frostshock the foe into a solid block of ice...
...finally - BOOM - profit! Oddo the Shatterer - from now on.
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My Asura that I had to delete x.x
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Been running some CoF Explorable Speed Clears with fellow duders, we are getting pretty good at them!

Trolling Rvaan with our pro
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 Good Old Charr Tech - The Yellow Submarine
 Oddo's going bonkers for fieldtesting Asuran Experimental Guns
This one's about blowing up Wind Riders
 Look at 'em pop
 Can't get enough of it!
 Come get some - Nasty Wind Rider! Btw. the Dynamic Event has ended a long time ago. Can't stop poppin' them Wind Riders though.
 Then... this gorge caught my eye. Can't help myself. Must explore.
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Just camping an event while I wait for the dragon in Sparkfly Fen. Plus my sick ass armored frog mini.
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Reworked Brewslayer, my Norn Warrior, into Moshpit Brewslayer - kinda not digging one-word names, even if it's as awesome as Brewslayer
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Reporting in duders!

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Bought another character slot (via in-game gold to gems exchange) - just one more to go to feature a full 8-profession roster. And I reworked Bombshell Bunny (my human female engineer) into more of person, rather than a comically oversexualized object.

Just lacking one more slot for my male Sylvari Necromancer - I'll try and make that one barely humanoid - a mushroom head of death maybe.

Meet Sue Detta Grenado
Explosives Engineer and Master Marksman - at your service
Meet Fern Allgood
Stern Defender of the Weak
Maiden Fair - Clad in Steel

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