The Guild Wars 2 Screenshot Thread

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Finally got my 8th character slot. Made a tonne of cash selling a bag of 'Hard Bones'. Meet Osirion Deathknell - my male Sylvari Necromancer.

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Screenshot of my character Gust Root after he soloed the Champion Giant at the town of Nageling. Well, there were four other people there but I was the only one going toe to toe/up close with him. Also, woooo mace and shield!

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Look, I was just minding my own business filling up a heart quest meter... damn dragons, always bothering people! 
Not seen: The 20+ melee dudes who just got downed by a poison/stomp attack. Cue panic! 
Alhaeran chillin out outside Fort Trinity, looking awesome in his Noble's coat. 
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 Orrian Underwater Adventure, under the watchful eye of Zhaitan

 I'd really love to have seen the Orrian Building Crews putting up these crazy discs - Magic was really commonplace in Orr

 Some secret Underwater Inquest facitily - didn't figure this thing out yet

 Seriously man - finding stuff like this blows my mind

 Doubletapping certain skills, fires-off a completely different skill - like this Harpoon throwing thingy happens when hitting the Spear's block twice

 Oddo is a Shark - you better believe it!
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In Canada, even the moose are polite!
Taking a break from all the adventuring
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Sacrif- . . . Celebrating after a long walk.
Well, something's a little bit off.
The current state of tPvP. Totally fine, right?
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guild wars 2 character
guild wars 2 character
guild wars 2 character

Screenshots of the 3 main characters (necromancer, mesmer & thief)

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 Transmuted my self-crafted medium armor exotic helmet with the Charr's medium armor tier 1 racial helment - Batman's got nothing on Oddo's cowl!

 Just going down some random mineshaft, ending up in a gigantic cavernous mine full of walkways and disgruntled molemen

 What's going to happen if you split hair with a bald moleman?

 Look at all those spiraling walkways! Just crazy. Crazy awesome.

 The Good Man (traditionally the name of my melee animal companion) - giddily chasing Dredge up the prevalent corkscrew scaffoldings!

 Damn - there's even an extensive underwater bit to the cavern

 Did I mention, all of that cavern stuff is part of a snowy Northern zone? Who would have guessed.

 Kodan sanctuaries are truely concept art come to life.

 In fact, Kodan live on seafaring cities built upon icebergs. That water around that city? Like a mile deep. And full of content. Put on your breathing masks.
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Nominal and I after doing some world versus world, check out our new crib complete with Lincoln Force's unique Quagaan Pride!

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Submitted for your amusement: I am not playing on Borlis Pass.

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Jumping Puzzle Success

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@Nominal: Handsome asuras ftw. you guys could not have made it without me falling to my death 5 times ;)

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@Nominal:  Amazing shot of my FIery Greatsword Suicide Skills

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I don't know what everyone is talking about. Clearly Pistol Whip needs a buff and not a nerf. He still got a hit in.
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Coolest secret garden ever. I think it should be a new commandeered guild hall.

Barely marked on the map.
Just Awesome.
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Business time in Orr
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the game really does look beautiful.

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@jesterroyal: I haven't seen that place yet. Very pretty, good find sir.

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Tequatl the Sunless
The Shatterer

Some screen shots I took of the Dragons in the game. Both pictures were taken before the fight started so I basically stood there with my UI off for about an hour. Trying to figure out a good angle on The Claw of Jormag.

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@Nominal: Go diving in the grove.

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The Medium Armor Skin out of the Gem Shop (at current conversion rates, it's a little less than 2 gold in the price tag department)

I've had this little solo guild, which I want to unlock some stuff for, like the Guild Emblem/Armorer and the Guild Vault - for personal use. Got everything up to the armorer today, and I was incredibly disappointed, that it's an actual Guild Armor skin replacing my current one, rather than just patching the Emblem onto it. What a butt-ugly armor it was, and a gold ain't cheap either. Anyways - looking for a model to replace the uber-uggo Guild Armor skin with, I caved for the Gem Shop skin - because really, at this point, 2 gold is nothing. Since good looking pants and boots are extremely rare for Charr, and these skins are top notch, I'm glad I did it.

Oh - the 25 gold Cultural III pants for Charr? Wow - if I ever have that much spare gold, it's a no-brainer.

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@Seppli: Beautiful set on your charr there, fitting color choices as well. I'm dreaming of tier 3 cultural armor for my Sylvari, just 119 gold total (auch). Some day.

Luckily, just statues
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Sure are some purdy sights in this game.

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The most recent photo in existence of the one they call "Finlee".
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@jakob187 said:

The most recent photo in existence of the one they call "Finlee".

Nice Emperor's Children colors.

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 Feeding Time - Mo' Squito - Delish!
 The Grove would be a dope location for a Goa party
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Just a regular day on the job.

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Where am I!?!?

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Picked up playing GW2 again after beating XCOM on Ironman Classic - and decided to roll with my Norn Warrior Moshpit Brewslayer for a bit. Really like the Warrior, especially with Dual Swords - too bad I can't stand the Male Norn's animation for swords. So wooden and forceless - downright clumsy it looks. In fact, so many of the Male Norn's swing animations are horrendous. The underhand mace swing on the 1-2-3 autoattack-sequence. The scoop-up-a-poop-from-the-ground Greatsword 'Rush' swing. The list goes on. Having played Moshpit up to lvl 16 now, I couldn't stand the idea of deleting him - so I did what I must and put down 6 gold for 800 gems to purchase a 9th character slot.

You guessed right, I rolled a second Warrior - this time a Charr - and I'm so much happier with his animations. Not as awesome as the Charr Ranger's sword animations are, but good enough. This burly cat is named Roar Wrathmane, and has one ugly angry stare. Have a look for yourselves.

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 This is what happens when Lincoln Force finds a random ArenaNet employee.

 It went on for a while...
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And New Fat Mike gives the Lion some much-needed cleaning 
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Is anyone playing this on a macbook? I am about to pick one up and wanted to know if I should grab this as well. 

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How were you guys able to take a picture without the interface?

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@BraveToaster: Check your key-binds. There's one for toggling the HUD on/off (I think the default setting is Ctrl+Shift+H, mine's set to End).

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@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

@BraveToaster: Check your key-binds. There's one for toggling the HUD on/off (I think the default setting is Ctrl+Shift+H, mine's set to End).


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 The view of the moon from the top of the Mad King's Clock Tower
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I couldn't get a good picture, but I really thought the Quaggan trick or treaters in Lion's Arch were sooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee \o/

The pirate quaggan and ghost quaggan, followed by the cannibal Asura/aviator asura, the char pirate... the human children we're disappointing, there was one where it didnt look like he had a costume at all...

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So we did the Seer Path in the Arah explorable dungeon. Close to five hours later, 6 champions, and seven long boss fights later all we got were 60 tokens and these screenshots:

Calm before the storm
The glorious moment when our hour and a half long struggle with AI pathing paid off. Also, f**k this boss fight.
Resting after the priestess fight at 2 am (5am for the others). Some of us were still a bit scarred.
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Part 2:

The final stretch before the last boss fight. Four hours in.

So here's my guide for the Seer path for the Arah Explorable: DON'T DO IT.

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@halcyonTwilight said:

So we did the Seer Path in the Arah explorable dungeon. Close to five hours later, 6 champions, and seven long boss fights later all we got were 60 tokens and these screenshots

If anyone wants to experience the nightmare for themselves, Thurb has the wonderful experience archived here:

Now excuse me while I find a dark corner to cry in.

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Got a few images here, I feel like these are the best ones I got recently. Two of the them are Halloween related.

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So I finished the tower and all I got was an Asura in a box!

LOVE the new dark room.

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I tried to get some good shots of The Mad King but after he tells a bunch of bad (fantastic) jokes he teleports to the top of the bank. BUT HE WONT GET AWAY FROM ME! It took some time but I was eventually able to get to him for some screenshots

Me, Dr Croatoan, and The Mad King taking the time for a photo op
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Some of us decided to have an impromptu dance party at the bottom of Rata Sum. Took a few pictures.

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