The Leather Cave in Queensdale

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I mentioned farming this cave for leather earlier in guild chat (How I Met Your Mesmer), figured I'd throw up a post letting people know where it is. Leather is a bit harder to come by than wood/bronze, and you get a decent amount of jute as well.

The Entrance
Map Location in Queensdale
About an hour of work

It's nice because the centaurs in there pretty much instantly respawn, and never end, since it's so small you just run back and forth killing them, and there's even a veteran one that can drop greens (like the gloves in that last shot).

So if you need a bunch of leather for crafting, check out this cave, it's only level 14ish.

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Awesome, just picked up leatherworking and wanted to make some bigger bags. This will help get me started, thanks!

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You can get JUTE!!! I'm in I have no idea where to find those and I hate spending coin in the game....yea that's weird I know

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This is immensely helpful. Thanks!

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All the Jute.

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The leather cave? Sounds like a Gentlemens club. 

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I was just complaining about having to salvage to get all of mine. This will help me out a lot. Thanks!

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

@The_Laughing_Man said:

The leather cave? Sounds like a Gentlemens club.
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