The Lincolncast: A Look Back

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So we just finished recording our 50th episode of The Lincolncast and seemed appropriate to see what everyone thought of the podcast. Maybe a post about any parts of an episode you enjoyed or perhaps discussing it with a friend. Also (no promises) but anything you'd like us to do better or feature to add. Want us to talk more about Guild Wars 2, maybe e-mail us or post on twitter about a topic you want discussed.

Also there is a good chance if folks are interested we'll do more 'live recordings' just in an Audio Only format (assuming we can get a regular recording time!)

So... @selfconfessedcynic will be doing the formal post of episode 50 for podbean RSS and itunes but here's the twitch stream complete with pre and post talk. (and no awesome pre music) - Episode 50 'raw' recording (staring me, cynic, @shinboy630, @no0b0rama, @dourin, & @squiddel)

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You forgot Dourin :D

But yes, any feedback is always welcome.

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