The Lincolncast Episode 2

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The Lincolncast Episode 2

Hey guys!

For those who don't know, this is the Giant Bomb community's Guild Wars 2 podcast (made by our guild, Lincoln Force). We recorded our second official episode last night, give it a listen! (Past Episode here)

Streaming Embed (audio only, the youtube stream isn't the remastered version):

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Show Notes

Music:“Zombie Nation” by Jose Travieso via Creative Commons License

Featured Members: , , ,

Run time: 2:53:00

Topics: A deeper look into the first BWE, including...

  • Personal Stories
  • Voice acting and cinematics
  • Tyria in GW2 (immersion and overall feel)
  • Dynamic Events and their effect on the world
  • Levelling Up
  • Class Balance and pets
  • Overall impressions and our ratings of the game thus far
  • What we want to see from the next beta and release

Enjoy! Also, please leave some constructive feedback.

Issue already known: Noob's levels go in and out, will sort that stuff out for next time [fixed in remastered version]

Podcast Page: (Has been updated to the remastered version, there's a direct download link on the page)

Mobile Site Link (for phone/etc streaming, is updated to remastered version)

Direct Dowload (alternative): (updated to remastered version)

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Very neat, didn't know about this at first. Any chance you guys have an iTunes or Zune sub? I only really have the time to listen to podcasts when I drive or am cleaning :)

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@ccampb89: I can get an iTunes up, but I'm still reading up on the ins and outs. For example, it's definitely an explicit podcast (and I think there are rules for that), and also, although podbean does have a submit-to-itunes service I don't yet know whether I'll stay with them.

On the other hand, podbean does generate a Mobile Site for your on-the-go needs. Hope that satisfies for now, and I'll post updates when I've made decisions one way or another.

Thanks for the interest!

ED: Okay, looking at the itunes submission process, it seems relatively fine (assuming we get approved). What we'll do is see how this week's podcast goes, if podbean works out for everyone then I'll do it (I'll give it a week)

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@selfconfessedcynic: Ah cool, that's all I needed. I prefer having it in an archived fashion, but this will do until you get that up!


EDIT: Also, I'm not entirely heavy into GW2 per say, but what are the conditions of being part of the podcast? I noticed it's really a community GW2 podcast, and generally when I get into an MMO...I get into an MMO, if you catch my drift. Any chance someone like little ole' me would have a chance of participating, or is a close knit kind of thing between the leaders?

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@selfconfessedcynic: Does that Podbean service allow you to do iTunes easily? If not I can explain how we get The Mighty Electronic Box on iTunes with little to no effort :P

Also yay, new episode!

@ccampb89: It's not a close knit thing at all, anyone from GiantBomb who has stuff to say about GW2 should be welcome. The only prerequisite is really that you try the game on a beta weekend really, but I'll let Cynic make the call as it'd be up to him ;)

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Oh, it's definitely not a close knit thing at all and almost anyone is welcome whether they're a part of the guild or not. In fact, I fielded a spot on the podcast to a number of people over the last week. The main thing here is that we've been discussing the last beta event for these first couple of episodes (and still haven't gotten to PvP discussion yet), so I've been trying to get people on who know a thing or two about the topics at hand.

Other factors do play into it - the major one being time zones. At the moment, since I have been coordinating with Chavtheworld for the last two weeks (who is in the UK), we've had to record at times where both he and I were up to doing so. This week we locked in our first permanent co-host, Nooborama who is in Canada, so we recorded at 12noon Canada Eastern, 4pm London, 1am Sydney time. If you were in the LA area, you'd have had to be up for recording at 8am on a Saturday morning.

Chav can't actually lock in for the next couple of eps, so things are a bit easier now (just two time zones to work with instead of three), but you'd still be looking at a Friday or Saturday night recording from the states.

ANYWAY - aside from that, for the next episode I hope to get some guys who know about the PvP situation, and if there's only one other who can lock in for that, then I'm open to getting someone who is less knowledgeable on and doing some good old QA.


Yeah, podbean makes it near-automated, you just have to submit it in the first place. I should be fine, but send a PM my direction with how you currently do things, as I'm up for changing anything and everything at the moment until I find something I can be happy with.

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Updated the first post to include the youtube embed, mobile website and alternative direct download link.

Let me know if there's any problems, like:

  • Current file size is too big (150 megs) - I can upload a 64kb/s version
  • There are any issues with the current quality (currently 128kb/s mono at 44100khz)
#8 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

Start listening and I am getting called out in the first couple of minutes... come at me bro! :P
What is the time that you guys are thinking of doing these at so I can try and plan around it.

#9 Posted by shinboy630 (1331 posts) -

Woah, how was I not informed of this?!? Seriously though, next time a recording of one of these is going down, shoot me a PM, cause I would love to join if you will have me.

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Oh, sorry about that. I pretty much looked through to forums to see who was writing the most about the Beta and who had the most to say about PvP then messaged them - along with the other guild leaders, of course. Nooborama is an active member on Mumble rather than here, and we've talked about guildwars a bunch in the past.

You, specifically, are more than welcome to get on the next one. For now, assuming there is interest, let's just say next friday or saturday afternoon at 6pm Los Angeles time will be a good ballpark for the recording.

@RobbieMac: See above - 6pm Pacific time over there on either a Friday or Saturday night looks to be the time slot at the moment, I could make alternatives but we'll have to see.

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I have uploaded a remastered version to the main podcast website and updated the streaming embed with the new version. You can directly download the remaster from the site or listen to it on the mobile site if you want to do it that way.

The Youtube stream hasn't been changed (and I don't think I'll have the time to do this any time soon) and neither has the alternative direct download, though I'm working on that one.


  • Improved everyone's levels (though it isn't perfect)
  • Improved sound quality
  • Stereo file format (wanted to try this out)
#12 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

Holy crap, almost 3 hours. That's perfect though as I need something to listen to while I'm making test chambers in Portal 2.

#13 Posted by Bollard (6523 posts) -

@Xyber: Yeah, we didn't hold back on the length :P

#14 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -
@Xyber said:

Holy crap, almost 3 hours. That's perfect though as I need something to listen to while I'm making test chambers in Portal 2.

Did you build something decent already? :)
#15 Edited by Xyber (305 posts) -

@emem: This is my first one, it turned out pretty good. Had some major exploits in the first version but I think I've eliminated them all now.

Give it a try and a thumbs up if you enjoy it. :)

And to keep this on topic, I enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to the next one.

#16 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

@Xyber: Hah, thanks for listening, and I'm happy you liked it.

As a general PSA, I think we'll be keeping these down to 1.5 hours in the future except for those we record during or just after a BWE. Should be a more reasonable listen at that length : )

#17 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

@Xyber: You should totally be on the podcast

#18 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

@No0b0rAmA: I know for a fact that I'm a lousy podcaster, so that's not gonna happen. ;)

#19 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

@Xyber: Haha

Well, I'll add you to the not interested list then, shall I? : )

#20 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

Art is done for podcast, sent it to you cynic.

#21 Edited by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

@RobbieMac: Awesome, robbie! Thanks for that, will upload it when I get home.

I've also sent a reply your direction, so check your inbox.

#22 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3848 posts) -

Art? Multi-format uploads? Quality assurance? I'll be honest with you guys, this professionalism is getting out of hand.

#23 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -
@selfconfessedcynic: Ok it is on my other computer I will have to do that tomorrow.
@Dark_Lord_Spam: Lol, I agree. 
Art!!!!!!!!!!! I found a cool new bear and lincoln picture to use.
#24 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Haha - I tend be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my pet projects. I try to do things right rather than just do them - I have to admit, this has been a bit more time consuming than I originally thought, but things are slowly coming together and streamlining.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy it. So far we're at around 120-150 listeners a week, which to me is kindof crazy. I'd like to submit an official apology for wasting a cumulative, what, 800 hours? of people's time.

@RobbieMac: I love it. Just have to make some small modifications for lower resolutions and Youtube. Great effort.

#25 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic said:

@Xyber: Haha

Well, I'll add you to the not interested list then, shall I? : )

Haha, yep. That's where I belong.

#26 Posted by Bollard (6523 posts) -

@RobbieMac said:

@selfconfessedcynic: Ok it is on my other computer I will have to do that tomorrow.

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Lol, I agree.

Art!!!!!!!!!!! I found a cool new bear and lincoln picture to use.

... This is beautiful!!

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@selfconfessedcynic: Hey, man. Making a podcast that's enjoyable to listen to can't be easy, and you've managed to do it. Hats off for the effort.

#28 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2740 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Aw shucks. : P

This week we're rolling with an almost entirely new cast, so let's see how it goes, huh?

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