The Lincolncast Episode 28: Karaoke

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The Lincolncast Episode 28: Karaoke

Hey guys! For those who don't know, this is the Giant Bomb community's Guild Wars 2 podcast (made by our guild, Lincoln Force).

This week not much happened. Well, other than us releasing a new sister podcast, finding out that George Lucas did/didn't direct the original trilogy, Karaoke taking over the Lincoln Force Mumble and some GW2 news. Shrug.

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Show Notes

Music: "The Pentagon" by The Hamster Alliance

Featured Members: Dourin , selfconfessedcynic , No0b0rAmA , Shinboy630

Run time: 1:30:38

Topics for the week:

  • Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings, Okami and more in the first segment.
  • In GW2 news, free trials are inbound!
  • Dourin got the name El Fuego!
  • Legendaries aren't going to be much easier to get. Surprise!
  • And finally, Karaoke fridays may be a thing.


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter.


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