The Lincolncast Episode 43: Nostalgic Dissonance

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The Lincolncast Episode 43: Nostalgic Dissonance

If you were surprised last time, I bet you didn't expect us to have all played GW2 for a second show running. We're here in force this week to discuss the major end-of-April patch recently outlined by Arenanet along with some final thoughts on the Super Adventure Box and Flame and Frost. But that isn't the whole show - things have been moving in gaming in general so we're doing another half-and-half episode, with a pseudo-Scotchcast taking up the second part of the show. Tune in to find out our thoughts on the next Xbox announcement-announcement and Nintendo's drastic new plans for E3.

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Show Notes

Music: "The Pentagon" by The Hamster Alliance & "Narumi Detective Agency" by ATLUSxP5

Featured Members:@selfconfessedcynic, @no0b0rama , @thurbleton, @dourin & @shinboy630

Run time: 2:56:08

Topics for the week:

  • (Scotchcast half starts at 1:45:30)
  • We open with GW2 talk this week once more, starting with discussion about what we know of the new dungeon
  • Custom Arenas sound awesome!
  • Spectator mode draws out some reactions from myself and Shinboy - for perhaps the wrong reasons
  • Super Adventure Box is about to go away, and we get in some last impressions
  • For the Scotchcast half we discuss the next Xbox which shall be announced on May 21st
  • Oh, and Nintendo is taking a very odd approach to E3 which has some of us concerned.
  • All that and and more in this week's show, including what we've been playing


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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