The Lincolncast Episode 46: Fun Run

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The Lincolncast Episode 46: Fun Run

(Recorded May 25th) In a strange return to form, we actually discuss some Guild Wars 2 this week. Tune in for Southsun coverage, and probably more?

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Show Notes

Music: "Super Adventure Box: Main Theme" by Maclaine Diemer & Leif Chappelle

Featured Members:@thurbleton, @selfconfessedcynic, loopymonkey

Run time: 01:21:29

Topics for the week:

  • It's really cold in Australia
  • Southsun is a thing - not all of us are impressed, but there you go
  • Wuvwuv changes!
  • Anet has had a price cut
  • ... and more!


  • DNIEPR - Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign
  • Check out the The Untitled Giant Bomb Movies Podcast (Premium Subs Only)

Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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