The Lincolncast Episode 47: WvW, Templates and E3

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The Lincolncast Episode 47: WvW, Templates and E3

(Recorded June 8th, E3 discussion starts at 2:08:30) Holy cow a lot of stuff is happening this week. In the first half, we chat about the WvW statements released by Anet, Secret of Southsun winding down, Dragon Bash, Shoutcasting PvP and Templates returning, whilst mixing in a healthy amount of off-topic (mainly in the form of the indie games we've been playing). After all of that we talk about the Xbox One's DRM and E3 predictions!

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Show Notes

Music: "Super Adventure Box: Main Theme" by Maclaine Diemer & Leif Chappelle, "Narumi Detective Agency" by ATLUSxP5

Featured Members:@thurbleton, @selfconfessedcynic, @no0b0rama, @crusarian (AKA Mr Squiddle)

Run time: 03:31:55

Topics for the week:

  • SO much to talk about - starting with WvW change hints!
  • Thurbs has been playing Kentucky Route Zero, and Noob's been killing fools in Gunpoint
  • Secret of Southsun is transitioning out, and Dragon Bash is coming soon
  • Squiddle loves Dust: An Elysian Tail and I loooove To The Moon
  • Shoutcasting gets some talk - we're generally optimistic? - but mainly TEMPLATES ARE BACK!! YAY!
  • E3/etc Discussion starts at 02:08:30
  • Xbox One's DRM stuff is complete BS
  • We make conference predictions and talk about what games we want to see
  • ... but mainly it's a sobering look into what the dark future for gaming might be.
  • (here's hoping for E3 to prove us wrong!!)


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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Happy Dust got a call out, that game is pretty good.

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