The Lincolncast Episode 48: Sea of Ups and Downs

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The Lincolncast Episode 48: Sea of Ups and Downs

(GW2 talk continues untill 57mins) Trying out another new format this week where we hit all the Guild Wars 2 stuff up front! Firstly, that Sea of Sorrows book is coming out, though I am personally apprehensive about the whole thing. End-of-June updates are the main focus, however, including the new dynamic event scaling system, updates coming to Orr, the custom arena roll-out, Sky Pirates and more! After the 57-min-mark we hit up what we've been playing including Remember Me and The Last of Us before finishing off the show with some thoughts about Microsoft's massive policy changes.

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Show Notes

Music: "Super Adventure Box: Main Theme" by Maclaine Diemer & Leif Chappelle, "Narumi Detective Agency" by ATLUSxP5

Featured Members:@thurbleton, @selfconfessedcynic, @squiddel

Run time: 02:46:36

Topics for the week:

  • Sea of Sorrows may or may not continue in the tradition of the other GW2 novels
  • Orr is seeing some changes - but the new dynamic event scaling system actually has us excited!
  • Fractal news!
  • Custom Arenas are finally coming out of Beta!
  • The new condition sounds awesome!
  • Sky Pirates...!
  • After 57 mins, we hit off topic.
  • Planet Side 2 and Remember Me both seem cool
  • I shout superlatives about The Last of Us
  • Mad Max isn't Australian!?
  • Xbox 180. I like the new meme and it's SO perfect right now.


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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UPDATE: after 3 chapters, Sea of Sorrows is...just ok! Stay tuned!

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@shinboy630: How would you rate it in terms of the other 2 books?

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@pay928: Dunno, not far enough in to really pass judgement. Ree certainly does like her obscure adjectives, though!

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@shinboy630 said:

UPDATE: after 3 chapters, Sea of Sorrows is...just ok! Stay tuned!

I'm still shocked you're reading that thing. Then again, someone has to be there to write a review.

What I'm saying is you're a hero.

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