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Hey guys!

A bunch of us have wanted to get our thoughts on the Guild Wars 2 BWE out there, so along with the videos I'm sure this community will produce, I thought it'd be cool to record a podcast as well. I couldn't find too many well-known faces online when I was in the mood to record and edit, so I grabbed some lesser known names and guys I know in real life.

It's currently hosted on podbean, let me know if you have any issues or know of a better spot to host it for future episodes.

Podcast Page:

Direct Dowload:

I have a high quality version on my PC as well, so if there's any issues with sound quality just post here and I'll upload that somewhere - feel free to make a suggestion

Youtube (audio only):

Now, some notes on the episode...

Featured Members: , ,

Guests: Dragannia

Run time: 1:42:25

Topics: The first BWE, including...

  • Character Creation
  • The starting areas
  • Our experiences with the beta thus far
  • Issues
  • Overall impressions of GW2

Enjoy! I hope to get some constructive feedback if y'all can be arsed.


I by no means intend to keep the "Lincolncast" name to myself - if you guys do anything similar featuring Lincoln Force members, feel free to staple the name unashamedly onto your work.

If more Lincolncast episodes featuring different members are created, it would be great if we find a way to centralise them.

These definitely won't be regular (well, not if I'm producing them) - but hit me up if you want me to guest on any other podcasts, and I can probably free up time to be a part of a regular one if others are interested.

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*Updated first post to include the embed-friendly youtube version (audio only)*

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Sounds good so far, I'll be listening to this as I pass out :P

A note though for future reference, some users are much louder than others. I know it's not something you can change, but it just stood out and figured I'd give a heads up.

Thanks for the work.

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Quality sounds gurd to me! I would have uploaded our 20 minute mission from yesterday by now, but it got bounced back cause it was too long after uploading for 6 hours...

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Oh, if you're online right now, get on mumble! I'm up for another podcast today if I can get people for it and I don't have to produce it.

ED: Ok, it's 9:26, I should really go to bed. Chav is on though - see if he's up for it.

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I will give it a listen tomorrow, I am going to be getting a new mic soon.  So hopefully I can participate.

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Good show guys!

I can't believe you didn't notice the red colouration on the numbers on the skill bar though!

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Man, I hope you get that up - I would love to watch that again. Great PvE moments in there.

@Fattony12000: Hey, thanks dude.

BTW, that new DP of yours is freaky as all hell.

ED: Oh, and omg that red colour thing really does help (but I have to say, I don't look at my hotbar much - too focussed on the action).

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@selfconfessedcynic: I replied to you in the Reports from the Beta Front thread with the two video parts! :D

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So this podcast is way more popular than I thought it would be. I just got an email stating that we've hit our 15gig quota for the month (or, I think more accurately, a subset of those 15 gigs since I uploaded it on the 28th of last month) so I'm sorry for the 6 of you who have received an error message on the DL instead of the file. For now, I think y'all can still stream it - definitely on youtube, and it also appears to still work on podomatic's website.

I'll upload the podcast to some form of file sharing site today and get a direct download link back up.

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