The March of the Golems!

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The guild 'Team Legacy' built 100+ Golems and zerged the fuck out WvW - and they shot a video of their awesomeness. Hilarity of epic proportions. Give players a sandbox to play in, and they'll go flippin' overboard in a second. Apparently this happend 30 minutes after ArenaNet opend the servers.

A virtual flashmob of asswhuppery. I can only imagine the surprise and joy of the opposing realms whom had witnessed this infamous 'March of the Golems!' lacking prior knowledge.

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Stop forward progression. Do not go over the cliff.

What an Army thing to say... X))

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Man, I knew this would happen - and it did : )

I still think having a seige weapon limit for each map would be a good move on Anet's part.

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Yeah, my opinion of WvWvW has kind of changed since rolling with the Giant Bomb Guild on the BWE. I still think most of the actual objectives and the gameplay during WvWvW is not amazing, but the real appeal lies with all the stupid shit you can do and the crazy situations that can happen with a small ragtag team of guildies. Also, those siege golems are adorable. They are like little penguins waddling around.

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@CommodoreGroovy: Wait, did I play with you? I don't recall your GB name, but I may remember your in-game name.

But yeah, we got in some serious scraps during this weekend - barely a lull the whole time - though I actually like most of the moment to moment gameplay and objectives.

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I think playing with guildies is the best part of any mmo! WvW was awsomness

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LOL awesome. It's MechWarrior.

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@selfconfessedcynic: I think @CommodoreGroovy is Siegs the warrior if I remember correctly. Don't quote me on it though!

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@Subjugation said:

@selfconfessedcynic: I think @CommodoreGroovy is Siegs the warrior if I remember correctly. Don't quote me on it though!

Too late!

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OH, Siegs!


Good to put an account to a name

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Dare I say... emergent gameplay? Wait, no. Now I feel dirty.

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