the table metaphor

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imagine an empty room with a table and 8 chairs. You let a representant of each profession of GW2 in this room with the only task to pick up a chair and wait for further instructions.

Based on your gameplay experience, how do you think these different professions would behave?

what would the warrior do?

He would just come in, grab the first chair confidently and sit heavily with a satisfied and confortable grunt.

what would the elemetalist do?

He would run 200 times around the table before picking up a chair

what would the guardian do?

he would probably stay at the door and never pick a chair just to make sure everybody else has a better seat than him.

what would the thief do?

he would crawl under the table and wait there for putative other guests to sit before doing anything

what would the ranger do?

he would send his pet choosing the right chair to sit on first, wait for him to drag it into position and then just enter and very confidently sit there.

what would the ingineer do?

he would partially saw a leg of every chair except the one he picks

what would the mesmer do?

what would the necromancer do?

he would probably set up a banquet with dead things aorund the table...nice...
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Only 7 chairs have been taken and you missed necromancer. I have nothing else to add.

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I turned the scenario into a dinner party (most of these are PvP jokes).

what would the warrior do?
He would aggresively run into guests to greet them, knocking some of them down

what would the elemetalist do?

He would die after being bumped into by the warrior

what would the guardian do?

He would get into arguments with everyone, but would not budge from his position

what would the thief do?

He would get frustrated with the guardian and stab him in the heart, resulting in his immediate death, despite the guardian being quite strong and healthy

what would the ranger do?

what would the necromancer do?

He would try to poison everyone's food

what would the engineer do?

what would the mesmer do?

He would teleport between conversations
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The thief walks off with the chair. Der.

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good idea ^_^

yep I added the Necro

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@announakis: it's funny to me that you missed the necro because at least in the human storyline they seem to forget it as well. I am playing a human necromancer and in the story they keep talking bad about the practice and stopping necromancers and then turn and call me a hero and ask me to assist; never once noting my own class.

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Wait. How do these people not end up in a brawl.

THE MESMER TOOK FOUR CHAIRS. As a warrior, I would summarily team up with the thief to take that bitch down.


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