Thinking of getting back in.

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Hey everyone. I haven't really played GW2 since launch because life took over. But I'm feeling that MMO itch these days and I'm thinking of getting back in.

I loaded up my game and tried to hop back in with my Ranger, but I quickly realized I had forgotten almost everything about the game. Has anyone else come back to this game after a while off, and if so how easy was it to pick back up? Should I try to resume my character or just start a new one so I can learn the game all over again.

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I was just thinking of playing guild wars 2 because Ive never tried it before and it seems so different than other mmos. The only mmos Ive spent millions of hours in is runescape back when I had a shitty computer and dial up internet and no money. It was fun when I played but then once I had money I went to the big console games . I have tried other mmos and the only ones that I have had some interest in are champions online and DC universe because those were so much different in some ways to the traditional styles of the others. I might buy Guild wars 2 and try it out since its summer and not much is coming out, I only have to play last of us remastered and I got tired of trying to go through my steam backlog.

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I'd say depends on where you're at, if you spent a hefty chunk of time leveling your character and progressing through most of the storyline I couldn't see why you would go back unless you wanted to see a different race or class. If you were still early level and didn't enjoy the class you were playing as it wouldn't hurt to jump into a new character. Just for the record it's probably been about a month since I've last played gw2 but there have been countless times I've taken an extended break and could always jump back in again though I tend to play the game by myself and got xpadder hooked up to where I can play it as an action rpg with a 360 pad.

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I've taken a few months' worth of time away between living story breaks and never gotten super out-of-sorts with the systems. GW2's open world is such that you're unlikely to meet any hugely pressing challenges while running around to get a feel for your skills and whatnot. If you're still having trouble smoothing back into the gameplay, it seems as though the September 9th feature patch will likely contain the decent tutorials that this game has needed for two years, so it might be worth waiting.

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