TotalBiscuit Plays PvE and PvP at Eurogamer Expo [Cynical Brit]

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He continues to be excited for the game, which given how many views his videos are getting can only be good for spreading the word about GW2. Some minor inaccuracies and missing information here and there (plus I don't think he knows about underwater gameplay), but not all people can be as information-hungry as some of us are.
Here are the videos:

Enjoy, folks!
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Totalbiscuit may not be the most capable guy at this point but it is nice to have more coverage nonetheless. He just seemed to be spamming abilities arbitrarily which made me equal parts amused and annoyed. Thief looks more fun than I initially expected.

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Thanks man!

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Man I love TotalBiscuit, thanks for sharing!

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This is the only MMO I have had any high hopes for after ditching WoW several years ago.

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I've posted a second PvP video up top in which TB plays a Norn Ele.

@Troncek: Reading the comments on that article, it just seems crazy how many people there are with the same story: "I wasn't big on GW1, and I wasn't really paying any attention to this game until recently, because my crazy friend couldn't stop talking about it".
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Just put another set of high-level PvE videos up there. This time sword-swinger extraordinaire Colin Johansson guests as a commentator and question-answerer. You can tell he's a little put-off by TotalBiscuit's constant comparisons to WoW, but hey, at least Colin points out the game's underwater systems to him.

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