Trade this game for something??

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I've finally come to the hard realization that I have no time for a game as massive and life-consuming as Guild Wars 2. Anyway, I'm well past getting a refund but I have basically a complete edition with key and its going totally unused at the moment....

So... I'd love to trade with someone! Maybe some Steam codes or PS3 game(s)?

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Considering how fast people stopped giving a shit about it, it doesn't seem that life-consuming. I guess that isn't really a recommendation to play it though. XD

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I am actually in the same boat, i have a copy of the game and i barely played it since it came out and have no interest in going back.

If anyone wants to trade it for some steam games or TF2 keys, PM me!

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bought it at launch havent played it still either, but there is no sub so im going to eventually

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@owack6: @astrodoggy: This is a four day old topic, but if either of you still have your key, I'll bite. I've got Steam codes for Deadlight, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Iron Brigade, The Last Remnant, Toy Soldiers, Bioshock 1 and Just Cause 1 if any of those strike your fancy.

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@banefirelord: Hey ye i might be interested in some of those you can add me on steam so we could talk more easily, its the same name as on Giantbomb.

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