Trouble with a Hidden Secret? Ask Here!

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Ask about a hidden secret giving you trouble. Help a fellow out, if you know the answer.

Been going crazy just now, trying to figure out how to get to a Rich Platinum Vein next to a couple of Portobello Mushrooms in the Dredge Mine in Timberline Falls - Molodets Excavation. It's showing up in the first big cavern near the northern entrance. No matter which angle I try to get at it, it's a dead end. Driving me nuts.

I love hidden secrets, but damn do some of the harder ones drive me bonkers. Can any of you help a fellow out?

 The Platinum Vein in Question

The Room where the vein shows up on the minimap
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you sure that's not just a bug?

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@TheHT said:

you sure that's not just a bug?

Absolutely. These hard to reach rich veins always give away a hidden secret. There's even a Dredge corpse there, giving a hint - suggesting that there is a ledge up top. That thing is definitely legit, and it's driving me insane.
There's a dynamic event in that mine - Dredge drills destabilize the bedrock, and the players have to destroy them. Might be something opens up, if it fails - thus far it never failed though.
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That entire mountainside is filled with traditional PVE content. But no, there's no jumping puzzle there--at least, not one that has an achievement associated with it.

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@project343 said:

That entire mountainside is filled with traditional PVE content. But no, there's no jumping puzzle there--at least, not one that has an achievement associated with it.

Especially 'small' hidden secrets are worth it. Somehow, somewhere, right there, is a tunnel with a Rich Platinum Vein and two Portobello Mushrooms, and after 2 hours of seeking access to it, from everywhich angle to it (far and near and top and bottom and inside and outside - you name it), I have still not yet found its access point - nor has anyone else on the internet.

That tunnel's legit. So real. So flippin' hidden. I want it even more.

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@project343: @TheHT:

Found the angle to the puzzle. Guess that's what a good night's sleep does for you. Not yet beaten it. It's a tough one for sure. Have a look.

After a good night's rest, I instantly uncovered a well hidden passage to an icecave - filled with Murellows, and odd pressurized ice - as well as a heap of snowballs to throw. T'was no biggie. The ice column was a little jumping section - the pressurized ice exploded like proximity mines, throwing Oddo off the column - and the snowballs are a last ditch effort to give you a tool to disarm them, if you were too stubborn to equip a ranged weapon to do so.
Next, I had to defeat a veteran Murellow, then I came upon this beautiful drop... notice the fire hazards? Yep - very deadly.
Another angle at the fire spewing hazards. Really nice lighting effects on those.
It's quite a deep shaft, and I'm reluctant to attempt it. There's more fire hazards further down. And rock slides and god knows what. Can't see the bottom.
Now I see the bottom, but no end to the puzzle. Oddo's done though. Well done indeed. Next try!

As I said, rich ore veins are not placed lightly. Those you can't get to right away always give away a legit environmental challenge of some sort. Believe me now?

Addendum: Totally got a 10 points achievement attached to it. And a proper champion boss. Was a hella awesome fight - couldn't have done it without the two fellow adventurers sharing Oddo's dungeoneering tribulations. The Champion Destroyer Troll is like a mini-World-of-Warcraft raidboss - don't stand in the flippin' fire. Sadly the chest spawn is bugged, and we got nothing out of it, other than some Karma from the dynamic event attached to the fight.

Also just realized that I never actually mined the rich vein of platinum, nor picked the portobello mushrooms... DOH!

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Oooooh, I'll have to check that spot out! Nice!

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The amount of detail in this game is astounding.

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ArenaNet have done some good work placing things in your sight but just out of reach. I've lost count of the times I've seen something on the map and gone "How the heck do I get in there?".

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I found it, the access point is not from the mine itself. I do not believe your route will grant you access to the mine, though they are somewhat interconnected I accessed it by climbing the slope northeast of the iron veil waypoint and jumping down through the open roof of the volcano. Its pretty dangerous, I fell too far 3 times before i got the hang of it.

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